The HathCaff is an all student run café located near the entrance of the Learning Commons at Hathaway Brown School. We are committed to getting students involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a business. The executive team, composed of 5 upper school students, does everything from finding vendors, managing a budget and real money, and creating marketing plans, to hiring baristas, setting up catering events, and serving the food and drinks on the menu. The café offers real-world business experience for all HB students and provides a great opportunity for students of the Center for Business and Finance.


Our hours are dependent on the school day schedule, so from time to time when the schedule gets changed due to an assembly or other special event, our hours will not be the same as what is listed below. However, those changes are rare, and we are open usually at the times listed.

Before school: 7:00-8:00am

Lab: 10:00-10:30am

X Period: 12:20-1:00pm

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Contact Us

Email: hathcaff@hb.edu

Instagram: HathCaff19

Twitter: HathCaff

CEO: mbrown20@hb.edu

Director of Catering/ Head Barista: aschwabl@hb.edu

Director of Marketing: cconrad20@hb.edu