Python and the Queer: Utilizing coding to analyze the American LGBTQ community through data and information

Welcome to our work

Even as amateur Python coders, scripts can help ease the tediousness and concentration of time when working with data. This project is our exploration of python coding, in order to analyze what government and media information expresses about different aspects of the LGBTQ community in the United States.

What American Community Survey Data and Congressional Research Service Reports Say About Same Sex Marriage: Dana

I have compared data from 2015 and 2010 American Community Survey tables on marriage in order to see what the official statistics are on same sex marriage. I have researched the institution of same-sex marriage as a category and its incorporation in this survey, as well as the dicennial census in order to contextualize these statistics. I have also web-scraped Congressional Research Service reports on the issue of same sex marriage to provide further government information on the topic.

What Art Says About the LGBTQ Community: Elana

I have compared the data that I collected through web-scraping a number of published articles in two different magazines in regards to the topic of LGBTQ Art. One magazine is Posture Magazine a LGBTQ magazine created for and with the LGBTQ readers in mind. The other magazine is Huffington Post, which is not primarily a LGBTQ magazine but definitely lends their perspective of LGBTQ art through the Queer voice.

What National Health Interview Survey Data Has to do With Identity and Sexual Orientation: Adrianna

I looked at the CDC's National Health Interview Survey from the years 2014 and 2016 to compare the way that people self identify as LGB in that there is no option for LGBT or Q. I looked that the limits of assessing this data as something definitive and the limits that exist for government data.