The art of

Jeff Perryman

Chain Reaction Studios 


A sample of work by Jeff Perryman

Brachacki TARDIS

This render is of the first appearance of the TARDIS from 1963's Unearthly Child. Based on the original prop design by Ealing Film Studios. 

What can I say, it's a box. I wanted to teach myself how to use photometric lighting and the simplest object to use is a box. I could not bring myself to use a plain old cube, so I built arguably the most famous box in the world instead.

This is but a sample of my work both professionally and personally. Please see the categories on the upper left to see more specific examples. 

Basic Modeling

This shows the model with no textures.

Color Pass

The model is unwrapped with defused textures added.

Lighting/Render Pass

Final textures have been added with Normal maps, Specular maps, dirt, and grime. The background is simple and the shot was intended to look like a phone camera pic.