The Winter 2019 issue is now available. The Summer 2019 issue will be published in July 2019.

Plainsongs’s title suggests not only its location on the Great Plains, but also its preference for the living language, whether in free or formal verse. Published twice a year by Hastings College Press in Hastings, Nebraska, Plainsongs presents poems that seem to be aware of modernist and post-modernist influences, not necessarily by imitation or allusion, but by using the tools provided by that rich heritage. Featuring poetry that runs the gamut from traditional to experimental, from realist to surrealist, Plainsongs strives to capture the multiplicity of voices--including those of feminist, nonwhite, immigrant, and LGBTQ writers--that make up this vibrant and wonderfully diverse Midwestern soundscape. Poets from all 50 states and many foreign countries contribute regularly to Plainsongs.

Plainsongs poetry magazine was named recipient of the 2010 Jane Geske Award by the Nebraska Center for the Book. The Jane Geske Award recognizes a Nebraska association, organization, business, library, school, academic institution, or other group that has made an exceptional, long-term contribution to one or more of the following fields in Nebraska: literacy, reading, book selling, books, libraries, or writing.

Plainsongs began in 1980 at Peru State College and, since 1983, has been published by Hastings College. The current editor of Plainsongs is Eric R. Tucker.


To subscribe to Plainsongs, download, print, and return this subscription form (.pdf). Checks can be made payable to Plainsongs.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that Plainsongs has moved to an online submission system. Click the "Submit" button on this page to upload your manuscripts. The online submission system will save time, money, and trees, and will allow us to continue to publish Plainsongs (and correspond with our authors) in a timely and professional manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Successful contributors receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their poem appears. Three poems are chosen from submissions to each issue and honored as award poems with short essays by the members of our Readers Board. Award poets receive small monetary sums, currently $50.

Our submission deadlines (June 15, December 15) indicate when we read manuscripts. Manuscripts received shortly before deadlines usually receive a response in 8–10 weeks. Others are held longer. We request that poets submit no more than six poems for consideration for each issue. Though poems of any length may be submitted, preference will be given to poems in the 14- to 70-line range.

We assume that poems have not been previously published, though simultaneous submissions are acceptable. We ask for first-time rights only; copyright reverts to the poet.

Please upload all submissions via the button above. All other correspondence can be sent to the following:

Eric R. Tucker, Editor


Hastings College Press

710 N. Turner Ave.

Hastings, NE 68901