Module 3: The Story of Us through the Great Depression and WWII

Module 3 - The Story of Us through the Great Depression and World War II


The events of the 1930s and 40s (the Great Depression and World War II) proved to be a turning point in American history. Both events were cataclysmic, sowing doubt and confusion, allowing some groups to redefine themselves and thrive while others found themselves lost in a whirlwind and deprived of a opportunities to succeed. In general, these events forced America to confront former practices, to change how it viewed itself and its relationship with the world, and to redefine the relationship between the government and its people. During this course of study, students will work to further develop their research and analytical skills through a close examination of a specific group of Americans their experiences in the Depression and World War II that inform our understanding of social relations (including, but not limited to, class relations, gender relations, race relations, etc.). In addition, small groups will continue to develop their collaboration skills by working in a team to develop a digital story presenting their arguments and information to their classmates.


  1. Watch anchor texts/videos & complete evidence logs
  2. Watch "Japanese Relocation by Office of War Information" and read Korematsu v. United States (excerpt) & complete evidence log
  3. Module 3: Great Depression and World War II Project
  4. Module 3 History Notes Packet

Readings and Media

- Part 1: The 1st 100 Days (play 13:20-21:45)

-Part 2: The 2nd New Deal (play 55:43-1:03:01)