Industrialization and Pluralism in America

Module 2 - Industrialization and Pluralism in America


In this module we will explore the growth of industry in the United States in the late 1800s with particular emphasis on the social and political impacts that this growth had. Issues related to class divisions, immigration, racism, and the influences of corporations on the American political process will be explored in depth. Content will be examined through excerpts of novels, speeches and essays, along with political cartoons. Students will also engage with the core texts, Slavery by Another Name or The Worst Hard Time, as we introduce the presentation cycle and students work through the first chapters of the book. Additionally, we will continue building a foundation of skills related to textual annotation, close reading, and professionally presenting ideas through spoken and digital mediums.


  1. TBA
  2. "Jungle"
  3. TBA
  4. TBA

Readings and Media

  • TBA
  • Upton Sinclair - excerpts from The Jungle
  • Douglass Blackmon - Slavery by Another Name selected chapters
  • America Through The Lens Textbook - Ch. 5-7

Suggested Readings for Industrial Revolution Mini-Project


Secondary Sources:

Women in the Gilded Age:

Women and the Progressive Movement:

The Fight for Women’s Suffrage (includes a video):

Primary Sources:

Stanton, E.C. (1848) The Declaration of Sentiments (found in My Perspectives Reader)

Chopin, K. (1894) The Story of an Hour (found in My Perspectives Reader)

Tarbell, I. (1914) What a Factory Can Teach a Housewife (on MyPerspectives Website)

Leatherbee, Mrs. A. T. (1915) The Anti-Suffrage Campaign Manual. (


Secondary Sources:

Industrialization in the New South:

Civil Rights During the Gilded Age:

African-Americans in the Progressive Age:

Biography of Ida B Wells and the Anti-Lynching Campaign:

Primary Sources:

Collection of pamphlets, photos, and broadsides related to African Americans in the Gilded Age:

Collection of Documents related to Ida B Wells and the Anti-lynching Campaign:

Washington, B.T. (1903) Industrial Education for the Negro (

DuBoise, W.E.B. (1903) The sons of master and men. In The Souls of Black Folks. (

Native Americans

Secondary Sources:

Overview of the American and Indian Wars:

The Flight of the Nez Perce:

History of Tribal Law and Sovereignty:

Transcript from Ken Burns’ The West: Episode 7:

Primary Sources:

The Dawes Act (1887) (

Lakota Accounts of the Massacre at Wounded Knee (1891) (

Miles, N.A. (1891) On the “Sioux Outbreak” (

Joseph, Y. (1879) An Indian’s Views of Indian Affairs (


Secondary Sources:

Overview of the New Immigrants:

Immigration and Naturalization in the Progressive Age:

Chinese Immigration in California during the Progressive Age:

Primary Sources:

The Chinese Exclusion Act: (

A Protest Against the Ill Treatment of the Chinese: A Letter to the President: (

Mark Twain’s Observations About Chinese Immigrants in California: (

Strong, J.S. (1885) Our Country (

The Saranoff Family Embraces America (


Secondary Sources:

Overview of Transcendentalist Movement:

Transcendentalism and Social Reform:

Transcendentalism Defined:

Primary Sources:

Emerson, R.W. (1836, 1841) Excepts from Nature and Self-Reliance (found in My Perspectives Reader)

Thoreau, H.D. (1849, 1854) Excerpts from Civil Disobedience and Walden (found in My Perspectives Reader)

Whitman, W. (1855, 1867) Excerpts from Leaves of Grass, I Hear America Singing, and America (found in My Perspectives Reader)

Laborers (AKA: The Working-Class)

Secondary Sources:

Overview of Organized Labor in the Gilded Age:

Labor in the Age of Industrialization:

Labor in Progressive Age Politics:

Primary Sources:

A collection of Sources Related to the Homestead Strike (

Race and Racism at the 1886 Knights of Labor Convention (

Working for the Triangle Shirtwaist Company (1911) (

Ely, R.T. (1885) Excerpt from Pullman: A Social Study (

Parsons, A.R. (1878) “We Ask It, We Demand It, and We Intent to Have It” (

The Environment

Industrialization and the Environment:

19th Century Trends in American Conservation:

Butte: Transcript from Ken Burns The West:

Balliet, G. (2013) Railroads and their effect on American society, 1840-1890. Saber and Scroll, 2(4), 8-13. (

Agricultural Problems and Gilded Age Politics (

Conservation in the Progressive Age (