Once Upon a Time in Ancient Greece

Welecome to the world in Ancient Greece, first, you can see Parthenon Temple stand right in front of you. Then, you can see there are twelve Olypians are looking at you, Zeus, the king of world, you might need to say hello to him, or he can kill you by clicking finger. Watch out of Medusa's eye, it can make you into a stone. We can saw how do Archimedes found out the important things in mathematics. This is the world about Ancient Greece, is fun, isn't it? Now, in our life, Ancient Greece is being more popular, but do you really know about Ancient Greece?

This is why we made this website. On the website will give you all the information about Ancient Greece, you can learn:

Great people in Ancient Greece

Hall of Wonder

Myth and Folktales

History of Greece

The Big Connection

Sports in Ancient Greece

We have prepare some game for you to learn more about Ancient Greece, we hope you can learn more about Ancient Greece by this website, just like us.

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