Ms. Peterson's Action Plan




Hancock Public School exists to develop in all students the skills, knowledge and passion to be life-long learners.


Our Vision is to see...

Students committed to the learning process through engaged teachers,parents, staff and community.

Students who learn and demonstrate 21st Century skills and knowledge

Students who identify and apply their individual strengths.


We value...

Effective and innovative instruction

Developing and teaching healthy relationships

Personal responsibility and accountability

Parent and community involvement

Honesty and hard work

Giving back to our community


Create an environment for students to be committed to the learning process

Incorporate 21st skills and knowledge into the curriculum

Create an environment that identifies individual strengths and applications


Recognize student accomplishments

Have high expectations for student performance

Incorporate technology in all areas of instruction

Provide individual assistance that is targeted to improve student performance

Effectively evaluate student performance and use evaluation data to drive instruction and improve curriculum

Engage parents, teachers, staff and the community in school activities and learning opportunities

Provide opportunities for students to learn and develop their individual strengths.

Ms. Peterson's Teacher Action Plan

* Recognize Student Accomplishments

~ I will display student work in the hallway and in the classroom

~ I will share pictures and class information with the Hancock Record

~ I will post pictures on my class website and account for parents

~ I will handout Character Trait awards and the end of the quarter

* Have High Expectations for Student Performance

~ State academic standards will determine appropriate lessons, themes, and curriculum throughout the year

~ I will communicate consistently with parents

~ As a class we will create, discuss and post classroom rules/expectations (I will communicate these with parents)

~ I will monitor student progress in reading skills using Fast Bridge with students who are below target

~ I will use NWEA scores to drive my instruction, create small groups to focus on specific skill that need to be improved, and work one-on-one with students as needed

~ Using the Rock system students will be rewarded for good choices and behavior. The class will vote on a reward once the goal has been met!

*Incorporate Technology in all areas of Instruction:

~ First graders will interact daily with the Smartboard

~ Students will use computers, iPods and iPads in the classroom weekly

~ I will update my Teacher Webpage for students and parents

~ First graders will use the computer lab at least once a week

~ Students use different websites to work on reading skills ( Razz Kids and MAP reading)

~ Students will use the computer to complete NWEA testing

* Effectively Evaluate Student Performance and Use Evaluation Data to Drive Instruction and Improve Curriculum:

~ Fast Bridge help determine individual student needs in reading

~ NWEA computer testing

~ Math, reading, and spelling assessments are used to determine instructional needs

~ I will create and work with needs based groups in both reading and math to target and master specific skills

~ I will attend teacher conferences and workshops

~ I will meet with my PLC group

* Provide Individual Assessment that is targeted to Improve Student Performance:

~ Para assistance in the classroom

~ Title 1 assistance in reading and math

~ I will be available to meet with students before and after school for additional help

~ I will be available to meet with students during recess

~ Reading Corp (will help students who are below target in reading to reach their target)

~ I will communicate with parents

*Encourage Parents, Teachers, Staff, and the Community in School Activities and Learning Opportunities:

~ Volunteers are welcome to come into the classroom to lead centers every Friday

~ I will communicate with parents via phone, email, teacher webpage and a weekly newsletter

~ Grandparent's Day

~ Volunteers are welcome to help with different classroom parties (Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day)

~ Volunteers are encouraged to chaperone field trips