The Club began in the late 1950's as a loose-knit group of bicycling friends, and eventually becoming affiliated with the American Youth Hostelling organization. The club was formed as the Hancock handlebars with an AYH charter in 1970. We have rides every day of the week-some days there are as many as six different scheduled/organized rides. Our most popular rides are our family rides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening (we always try to include an ice cream stop here), and our fitness rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (no ice cream stop here).

Our goal is to promote bicycling as a form of fitness and leisure activity for the whole family as well as the go-fast group, while promoting all types of bicycling advocacy organizations. We partner with the Hancock Park District on many projects. We would like to see safe bicycle routes throughout our area so everyone can ride safely, so our children may one day be able to ride their bicycles to the parks and to school safely, instead of being squired around in a car playing video games.

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HH Club & HHH Memories By Paul Nusbaum

The sadly abbreviated 50th Edition of the Hancock Horizontal Hundred will soon be behind us, and with the process of the disbanding of the Hancock Handlebar Bicycle Club on going, I felt compelled to reminisce about some of my personal experiences with the HH Club. I’m going to mention a lot of names in the following paragraphs, and I apologize in advance if I fail to mention a rider whom I’ve had the privilege of riding some miles with during the twenty-nine years that I have been a HH Club member.

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