1st Grade

101: Mrs. Alicia Reeves 727-8633

102: Ms. Lisa Gray 727-8634

First Grade Supply List


1. 4 boxes of regular crayons (24 ct)

2. 24 glue sticks

3. 4 packs regular sized #2 pencils (48 total- Ticonderoga suggested)

4. 1 small pair of scissors (Fiskars suggested)

5. 4 boxes of tissues (optional)

6. 1 plastic supply box (No larger than 10x7)

7. 1 box of watercolor paints

8. 2 plastic folders with pockets at the bottom (Reeves only)

9. 1 box gallon and 1 box quart size zip and lock bags

10. 50 cap erasers

11. hand sanitizer (optional)

12. 4 black and white composition notebooks

13. 1 book bag - No wheels please

14. 1 set of headphones

15. 1 ream of copy paper- no pastels please (optional): Orange (last names starting with A, B, C), Blue (last names starting with D, E, F), Yellow (last names starting with G, H, I), Pink (last names starting with J, K), Green (last names starting with L, M), Red (last names starting with T), Purple (last names starting with S, U, V, Y, Z), White (last names starting with N, O, P, Q, R, W, X)

16. 1 ream of white card stock (optional)

17. 1 ream of white copy paper

18. 1 4-pack thin black dry erase markers

19. 2 boxes of baby wipes (optional)

20. 1 roll of paper towels (optional)

21. 2 containers Clorox wipes

**Please note that the above supplies will need to replenished throughout the school year. Your child also needs to have a set of supplies (pencils, glue, scissors, crayons, and blank note cards) at home to complete his or her homework each night.