ePortfolios at Hampshire

Learn about ePortfolios - Find resources to help you build yours 

In addition to the How-To videos on this website, you can look for the Peer Facilitators in CoCo (off the Airport Lounge in the Library) or the Holistic Learning Program Fellows associated with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) -- they can guide you through the process!

Why an ePortfolio?

Your job in Div II is to make meaning of your work across all Div II experiences.  Curating your work in an ePortfolio helps you reflect on how your thinking and skills have changed and where you want to go next!

Make it Easy to Follow

Organize your work the way you want faculty to understand it! You can frame your work to highlight specific skills, understandings, areas of interest, experiences outside the classroom - or anything else - by creating different pages. Include images, audio files, videos, and documents of all sorts. 

Curate Your Work

Each page should include artifacts (products of your work) and explanation/ reflection. Just as a museum exhibit guides your examination of the artifacts on display, you guide your reader by explaining what is there and why.