School Counseling

Melissa Garris: School Counselor

Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS)

504 Coordinator

Preschool Intervention and Referral Specialist (PIRS)

RTI Team

The Hamburg School's School Counseling Program is organized to provide comprehensive counseling services for all students. Ms. Garris is always available to discuss academic progress and problems regarding personal/social adjustment. The School Counseling Program will enable each student to develop emotionally, socially, cognitively, and academically within his or her abilities and interests to best prepare our students to become contributing members or society.

[Melissa Garris] [] [973-827-7570 EXT. 201]

About me

I studied at East Stroudsburg University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology. Not long after, I attended Capella University where I earned my Master of Science in School Counseling. I am an advocate for mindfulness and incorporate mindful techniques into my everyday life, both in and out of school. I believe that we should all take the time to be more conscious of our words, actions, and our own thoughts. When you enter my office, you are welcomed to a happy, serene, mindful space to promote positive growth in all areas of your life. Most importantly you are welcome to be exactly who YOU are in a safe environment.