Halcyon Trips Policy

Dear Colleagues

If you are taking a trip off-site, then you must read the Educational Trip Policy. This is a long document, and it may be difficult to find what you want or need, so this site is designed to help you navigate the policy. You can

a) select certain sections of the policy using the tabs above, including a start-to-finish checklist to help support your planning. Please note that all sections are taken directly from the policy document.

b) read an overview (below) of key considerations

c) access key documents and forms below.

Please do remember that if you are a field trip leader it is your responsibility to read the policy, and to ensure that your field trip team have also read the policy. For all the benefits of off-site learning, safeguarding our students at all times remains our priority.

Thank you for your support!


This policy is written to safeguard students and ensure Halcyon delivers purposeful, high-quality, secure, well-planned and resourced, curriculum-linked educational trips. It also provides direction and support for trip leaders, teachers, the Director, the Board of Trustees and all other stakeholders to ensure that any risk is minimised, whilst optimising the safety and health of all students participating in school activities off site. The policy enhances students’ learning experience, and should provide parents with the confidence to support off-site learning.

Trip Rationale

The educational experience at Halcyon is broadened and enriched by trips outside of the school. This sort of experiential learning is an important component of the International Baccalaureate Programme, and London provides unique learning opportunities linked to all areas of the curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to engage in voluntary service learning activities with organisations based outside the school. Halcyon actively encourages off-campus trips to support learning, and these may vary from visits to local museums, galleries, exhibitions, lectures, theatres, workshops or the like, to student–led service learning, to school-organised trips outside of the UK. Trips within the UK will heighten students’ understanding of British civic and public institutions, as well as organisations and charities that represent the many cultural facets of the UK.

All trips should meet clearly understood and articulated learning objectives, but should also offer the opportunity for exploration and discovery – the joy of learning and experiencing something new.

Guidelines to support educational trip planning

Trips Chart only 2017.pdf

Useful Links

This policy is available from our website (halcyonschool.com) and in hard copy on request. It has been formulated using: DfE Guidelines on Health & Safety Advice on Legal Duties and Powers for Local Authorities, Head Teachers, Staff and Governing Bodies (February 2014); HSE Guidelines on School Trips and Outdoor Learning Activities (June 2011).

This policy should be considered alongside and in conjunction with the suite of policies concerning the safety and welfare of students: Anti-Bullying; Behaviour & Discipline; Educational Trips; Fire Safety; First Aid; Health & Safety; PSHEE; Risk Assessment; Safeguarding & Promoting Welfare of Children; Supervision

Approved by Board of Trustees October 2012. Reviewed 25 July 2013.

Reviewed 9 August 2013.

Approved by Board of Trustees January 2014. Revised 21 December 2015.

Approved by Board of Trustees 17 February 2016.

Revised and approved by Board of Trustees 16 January 2017.

This policy will be reviewed annually, or more regularly in light of any significant changes in statutory requirements and legislation.