WHS Counseling

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To make an appointment to meet with your student's counselor,

please contact the Counseling Office at 623-915-8402.

Sheryl Williams

Phone: 623-915-8427


Grace Conway

Phone: 623-915-8443


Dean Dahlstedt

Phone: 623-915-8424


Steve Leonard

Phone: 623-915-8413


Counseling Secretary -Luisa Banos

Phone: 623-915-8402


Records Secretary - Christina Flemming

Phone: 623-915-8404


Career Center - Madison O'Neal

Phone: 623-915-8465




September 10th and 26th | 1st and 2nd Lunch

West-MEC representatives are available to meet with students outside in the quad to provide information on their programs.

College and career Night

September 10th | 6 pm | Media Center

Parents and students of all grade levels are invited to attend our annual evening featuring a presentation on financial aid and opportunities to speak with representatives from in-state universities, community colleges, West-MEC, and the military.

University Application Workshops

September 17th and 18th | 2:35-4:00 pm | Media Center Computer Lab

Representatives and counselors will be available to answer questions and assist students with completing their applications to universities.

Sophomore Presentations

September 18th | Auditorium

Representatives from West-MEC and the ACE Program at Phoenix College will provide information on their programs and application processes.

Junior Course Registration

September 20th-26th | English classes

Juniors will select their courses for their senior year. Students will have until March 2nd to contact their counselor in order to make changes to their selections.

Freshman Presentations

September 24th and 27th | PE classes

Counselors and ACCESS ASU will discuss habits for academic success with freshman students.

Counseling Calendar

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