FutureForward with Chromebooks

Graduating Senior Chromebook Sale Info

Step 1: Transfer Your Data

Attention Seniors! Don't lose your work!

  • Your @guhsd.net Google accounts (Gmail, Docs, etc.) will be disabled June 30th!
  • This applies whether or not you choose to buy your Chromebook.
  • Transfer your hard work to a personal @gmail.com account before it's gone.
  • Start by making sure you have a personal @gmail.com account.
  • See the links below for help:

Step 2: After Purchasing, Before Graduation

  • When you purchase your Chromebook, you will receive a receipt and a "Golden Ticket" instruction paper. Keep this somewhere safe! If you happen to lose the instructions, you may reference the instructions below.
  • While school is in session, continue to use your Chromebook like you normally do. Your Chromebook will only be "unlocked" after graduation, when you no longer need to connect to the school network.
  • The unlock requires GUHSD technical services to systematically release purchased Chromebooks remotely. We recommend allowing them 1 week to complete this process, but it may happen sooner - check your school email for notification.
  • After your Chromebook has been released by the district, simply follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions to refresh your Chromebook. After the refresh, log in using a regular Gmail account and you are all set!

Step 3: Golden Ticket

(unlocking your Chromebook after graduation)


  • Do NOT follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions unless you purchased your Chromebook. It only works for Chromebooks purchased through the formal process.
  • Do NOT follow the "Golden Ticket" instructions" until AFTER graduation or if you are not using it at school

Disenrolling Your Chromebook

  • After June 7, follow these refresh steps.

If they do not work, call 619-956-HELP for help.

  • Before June 30th, transfer any content you want to keep from your @guhsd.net account to a personal @gmail.com account since your access will be turned off. See instructions on using Google Takeout: https://takeout.google.com/transfer.
  • After following the refresh steps, the Chromebook is officially your personal device! Log in using a personal @gmail.com account.


1. Hold down the following keys together: ESC + Refresh (circle arrow) + POWER

2. Wait until you see a message and then press CTRL + D

3. Wait until you see another message and then press Enter

4. Wait for your computer to reboot

5. Press the Spacebar

6. Press Enter

Basic Troubleshooting Hints

  • Screen frozen with a dark blue or black screen?
    • Reboot your Chromebook
    • Hold down the Power and Refresh ( ) keys & release
  • Headphones not working?
    • Open your Chromebook menu by clicking on your avatar
    • Click on icon that looks like a speaker and select the headphone option
  • Running slowly?
    • Check to see if Chrome is up-to-date
    • Go to top-right corner menu and select Settings > About Chrome OS > Check for and apply updates and follow directions if update needed
  • Acting up?
    • Try to sign out and “remove your user” - keep in mind this will delete your downloads
    • First, sign out. Then, remove the person/user by using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your login screen avatar
    • Log in again by re-typing in your full @gmail.com email address
  • Still acting up?
    • Try using the “refresh steps” listed in the Golden Ticket box above
  • Last resort?
    • Try “wiping” your device by using the Chromebook Recovery Utility (https://goo.gl/wY6nY) - read about it before trying it

Please remember to act responsibly - protect yourself and others.

Be amazing with your creativity, productivity, and ideas.