"Technology is just a tool...

in the hands of teachers who realise the potential it is a very powerful one."

Ben Rouse created Evolving Edtech to house his resources and share his experience of teaching with technology.


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Check out Ben's training resources or drop him a line to find out how you can move your use of technology to support learning forwards.

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Check out Ben's current projects to see if you can help move them forward or share your own as we may be able to work together and get further.

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Sharing learning and understanding can be exciting and enhance learning for teachers, students and parents. Technology used appropriately by a passionate teacher can inspire others to push their learning even further. Share with me @mr_brouse


Technology can provide exciting learning opportunities to collaborate with colleagues, students of different ages, backgrounds and cultures.


Creativity is being developed and shared more widely with technology, giving access to creative tools to more and more learners. Technology can give learners the chance to investigate topics in a wider context than may have traditionally been available.


Design thinking is an effective way to reflect and review the impact and next steps for embedding technology for learning. Teachers are natural design thinkers as we strive to innovate and solve problems on our way to creating exciting learning opportunities. Design thinking provides a set of tools and a mindset to solve find the real problem and develop innovative solutions.

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When appropriate technology meets an inspired and open minded teacher the potential for learning is endless.

Some of the key traits we are told employers look for are not specifically identified on our curriculum. A confident well trained teacher can put technology to work for them and to develop some of the skills that develop learners.

Ben Rouse has been working with teachers and schools on the use of technology and created this site to share his materials and experience with those who are interested.

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