Youth Activities Committee

Celebrating our success:

Students spent their day off of school in Fall 2022 serving the community. Their generous donation of time and effort generated a collective value of $1,677.22 to NAMI and provided warm and comforting blankets to youth in foster care in our community. Thank you so much for utilizing a day off of school and choosing to make a great impact in our community!

Youth Futures is an inviting, fun, productive place that challenges us ALL to be leaders and support and help each other in being the best version of ourselves.

The Youth Activities Committee provides an interactive experience for teens in grades 6-12.

The mission of the Germantown Youth Futures Activities Committee is to plan FUN activities for middle and high school students as an alternative to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. We also try to prevent youth violence, help our youth make informed decisions, and volunteer our time to fundraise for family-friendly, positive activities and programs in the community. This helps build positive youth assets, leadership skills and offers an opportunity to share their unique perspectives and youth voice in planning programs and events.

All youth who commit to being a part of the Activities Committee should attend a leadership event. This event consists of a one-day team building/leadership training session (details shared with members as scheduled). In addition, there will be Activities Committee meetings, typically held on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings once per month. Additional meetings may be scheduled (as needed) for planning larger events.

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