Information for Presenters: Step 1

Step 1: Understanding the Education Expo & Submitting a Proposal

The Idea

During this program, you are introduced to several education concepts, some of which really draw your interest. In the process of completing assignments and projects, you may not have the time to deepen your study of an area of interest or passion. The Education Expo is your opportunity to delve into an area of interest, and to share your passion with others. The Education Expo is about you, or you with a small team of your cohort members, delving into that interest or curiosity; becoming a bit of an expert on the topic; and presenting.

The Format

There are two formats available for the Expo:

  • Stations (We will have a lot of these)
  • Presentations


2016: Stations

Station/Booth: The format is expected to appear much like a Science Fair or a Home and Garden shows, with a representative from each team presenting at a team station. Each station will have a 10 - 15 minute interactive presentation for participants.

2017, 2018, 2019: Stations & Presentations

Presentation: In a classroom. For those wishing to offer hands-on and interactive workshops. Students will present one - 60 minute session. Participants will sign up for the sessions.

What's Next

This video provides some information on next steps for presenters.

Tentative Schedule

      • 8:30 - coffee and mixer and presentation sign-up
      • 9:00 - Intro
      • 9:15 - move to presentation 1
      • 9:30 - Presentation 1
      • 10:30 - Break and start of Stations
      • 12:30 - Lunch (Continue stations?)
      • 1:15 - Prize draw one and move to presentation 2
      • 1:30 - presentation 2
      • 2:30 - Event close and final draw
      • 2:45 - Clean-up

Topic Ideas

Interest Trumps Teams

The old meaning of "Trump" ("a decisive overriding factor"...also called a trump card), not the guy who is currently President of the U.S.

What is different for 2019?

The Pro D Committee at SD69 has requested:

  • Anything with G Suite (Classroom, Draw, Drive,...)
  • Anything Tech
  • Social Justice
  • Indigeonous Topics
  • But... please do not be limited by this. If your interest is in Movement in the Social Studies Classroom... then propose that.

Please complete the proposal form below.

  • One person on a team fills this in and becomes the contact person for the team.
  • You will need to have two topic choices.
  • Dilemma: What if you are interested in one topic with one team, but your other choice of topics is with a different team? No problem: Fill in one form for each of the teams.