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safeguarding and prevent

Emergency Out of hours contact information and more...

 It is important that you feel safe at college, in your personal life and in the community. At West London College we are committed to taking action to safeguard and promote the welfare of our students.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Safeguarding, Prevent and support for student welfare 

Calculators & Geometry Sets

on sale at the Learning Centres, 

Hammersmith, Ealing & Southall sites.

Calculators are now available for purchase at all campuses

Learners can now pay for printing, photocopying and stationery using contactless payments at the Hammersmith Learning Centre only

online Library induction and 'how to' videos

To access the library induction and How to videos, select the Home menu above and from the drop-down menu select Induction and How to videos.

Library Induction Bookings

To book inductions for your learners please email using the following details: We will need the course title, course code and the number of learners.  Thank you.

Hammersmith - bclibrary@gspace.wlc.ac.uk
Ealing - ealinglc@wlc.ac.uk
Southall - southalllc@wlc.ac.uk

Latest News...

Turnitin is now available for staff and learners to use. Click here for more information.

New learners to the college
After signing in for the first time to the college network with your temporary password I suggest that you change your password.  To change your password press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys together and select Change a password from the list.  Please note also that your email address will be in the following format.
datanumber@college.wlc.ac.uk   i.e. 11103214@college.wlc.ac.uk

Existing learners:
firstname.surname@college.wlc.ac.uk  i.e. john.college@college.wlc.ac.uk
Note: In some cases, there may be a digit or two after your surname.

Online Displays

You can view  online displays for special days and celebrations, please click here to view them.


If you have any queries/questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or visit the Learning Centre or call us on the relevant telephone number in the footer of this page.

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What we do:

The Learning Centres support the research and information needs of the curriculum through the provision of quality resources and services for staff and students. 

Aims and Objectives: To offer innovative services and resources which meet the research and information needs of West London College's students and staff, ensuring that service quality is regularly monitored and reviewed, and delivered by a team of professional, friendly and learner focused staff.


Stationery For sale

We have stationery on sale in the Learning Centre such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and dividers  etc..  Please click here for a list of all stationery we have on sale.