EARCOS Weekend

with Kristin Ziemke March 1-2, 2019

Amplify! Layering Tech with Robust Literacy Learning

Coffee, snacks, and lunch are included.

This interactive workshop is for ALL PreK-12 Teachers seeking to Amplify their practice!

As new tools enter our classrooms we look for ways they can scale opportunities for students. And that's exactly how we use technology in the workshop classroom—as a vehicle to add layers to student thinking. Technology does not replace good teaching, it simply amplifies it, helping us to confer, document and provide feedback in new and authentic ways.

Far beyond putting a child on a digital reading or writing program, we seek opportunities for students to create in order to show what they know, consume to build knowledge and connect beyond the walls of our classrooms. Responding to a read aloud with a drawing tool, using video as a mode to confer, and reflecting on learning through an audio recording all become routines that we use to personalize and differentiate for all students. Photos, video and graphics build upon our work with text as we engage students to become critical questioners and deep thinkers.

With Kristin's guidance, this workshop invites you to explore new resources and lesson ideas to encourage student interest and curiosity and provides practical strategies for using technology across the day. With a focus on the shifting needs of literacy instruction in a digital era, Kristin will share current research and “next” practices for ensuring that all learners are prepared to access and comprehend information in a variety of modalities.

In this new learning landscape, we rethink what it means to “read” and craft lessons that explicitly teach students to access and understand the world. Join in as we identify new entry points for all learners and share ideas for empowering students to understand themselves, others and issues in today’s digital culture.

This workshop is limited to 75 participants. Certificate for participation will be given upon completion of your reflection on the workshop.

Course Fee: $75 for EARCOS member, $175 for non-EARCOS member schools.

Coffee, snacks, and lunch are included.