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The College and Career Center provides information and resources to students to help plan their future goals as they navigate the college planning and application process. At ACP students are introduced to the college planning process during the Educational and Career Action Plan lesson that continues to build throughout their high school years.

Students are encouraged to attend college and university visits either virtually or at our campus, to help discover information about majors of study and learning opportunities along with information about the college. Most visits are held during club or lunchtime in the cafeteria, library, or the College and Career Center.

Student are encouraged to stop by the College and Career Center anytime or schedule one on one appointment with Mrs. Dalton. Parent and student meetings are also a great way to discuss the college planning process. For quick reference, the College and Career Center website provides information about career choices, college options, SAT and ACT testing and test prep, financial aid, scholarships, summer programs and volunteer opportunities.

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Education and Career Action Plan

The Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) was established by the Arizona Board of Education in 2008 requiring schools to establish a program that allows student to enter, track and update their academic, extracurricular, career and postsecondary goals.

Students will use Scoir, an online platform, to record their activities, explore careers using YouScience, and search for colleges. Freshmen students will establish their account and continue to enter their activities and accomplishments throughout their high school years.

At Arizona College Prep we don't see this process as just "checking a box" but as a daily process of building relationships with our students, helping them to discover their interests and develop the skills needed for future success.


Which High School Classes Should I Take?

Be sure that you are taking high school classes that are appropriate for you ability and strengths. If you have a college major in mind, the links below can help with guidance as to what high school classes are important for your college major. Always check with the admission requirements at the colleges you are interested in to be sure that you are taking classes that align with the requirements.

Counselors meet with each student during the registration process to help students select the appropriate classes that fit into the students 4-year plan.

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Being involved in the world around you is very important to every aspect of life. The experiences you gain will help you establish your future plans. Select activities that align with your interests but don't be afraid to explore areas that push you out of your comfort zone.

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What do I want to be when I "grow up"? Our world is constantly changing and evolving giving way to new jobs and career fields. At ACP we will use the YouScience assessment during your Sophomore year to identify your natural strengths and identify your Best Fit Careers. Juniors can participate in the ASVAB Multi-Aptitude Test, check for dates in November.

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It's important to explore all of your options so you can make an informed decision about your future. During your Junior year we will focus on the best fit for you.

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Simple Studies - Free Resources, Including Study Guides for AP Testing

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