College and Career Center


The College and Career Center provides information and resources to students to help plan their future goals as they navigate the college planning and application process. At ACP students are introduced to the college planning process during the Educational and Career Action Plan lesson that continues to build throughout their high school years.

Students are encouraged to attend college and university visits to our campus to help discover information about majors of study and learning opportunities along with information about the college. Most visits are held during club or lunchtime in the cafeteria, library, or the College and Career Center. Campus tours are also a great way gain perspective into college life.

Student are encouraged to stop by the College and Career Center anytime or schedule one on one appointment with Mrs. Dalton. Parent and student meetings are also a great way to discuss the college planning process. For quick reference, the College and Career Center website provides information about career choices, college options, SAT and ACT testing and test prep, financial aid, scholarships, summer programs and volunteer opportunities.

~Mrs. Dalton

For questions or to make an appointment:

Contact: Mrs. Dalton

Phone: 480-424-8011


ACP Erie CEEB Code: 030711