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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Granite State College and the School of Education do not claim that by participating in this prep site will guarantee passing scores on your exam. This site serves as a guide ONLY.

This is considered a self-directed site for students who are required to take the Praxis Core exam.

Welcome to the Granite State College School of Education Praxis Prep Site. We hope to help our students see a successful completion of their required Praxis testing on the horizon. This course is designed to not only prep you for your test but to give you some strategies and tools to help find the confidence and ensure you have the knowledge to be successful, whether it is your first attempt or a repeat attempt, on your Praxis Core tests.

Test Preparation Flyer from Praxis

The course is broken up into 4 areas with units within each area: Test Strategies - Math - Writing - Reading

Each area of the Praxis test will include the test objectives which look like this one below for research.

B. Research Skills

1. Recognize and apply appropriate research skills and strategies.

a. Assess the credibility and relevance of sources.

b. Recognize the different elements of a citation.

c. Recognize effective research strategies.

d. Recognize information relevant to a particular research task.