Mrs. Mirgaux

7th grade ELA Page

A Little About Me...

Hello All!

I am very excited to get to know all of you as the year progresses! This is definitely going to be an odd one, so let's start with me introducing myself to you! I am Mrs. Mirgaux (MARE-UH-GO) and I have been teaching at GSA for four years! Before this, I received my bachelors degree in English at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. I started my journey at GSA as the reading intervention teacher for the middle school. After this I spent two years teaching 6th and 7th grade reading and writing. Last year I was placed solely in 6th grade as the reading teacher and now I teach solely 7th grade reading! Whoo have I been all over the place!

Some "fun" facts about me are that I am an AVID reader. When asked what I do on my free time (besides sleep) I will always say reading! I specifically enjoy reading fantasy books, which is reflected in my LOVE of Harry Potter (Ravenclaw house!). I am excited to help guide you through your journey into middle school and look forward to hearing about all the things you all are interested in!

I can't forget to mention my fur babies! While we were virtual learning, many of you surely heared these two in the background!