Sterling After School

**Registration for 2024-25 School Year is now open until the end of this school year (2023-24).** 

Mission Statement

Our mission in the After School Program is to provide a quality after school experience where each child’s day is enriched through a variety of activities. We achieve this goal by providing homework assistance, computer lab time, recess, arts and crafts, interest sessions and a snack each day. Our staff is made up of experienced adults and college students, all of whom have prior experience working with children or are education majors in college. The safety and well being of each of our students is our top priority. 

We strive to keep a health driven environment in our program.  Here are our "House Rules" for this program.

Sterling School After School Program Wellness Policy

1.             We do not allow extra screen time except for homework time and Fun Fridays. On Fun Fridays, we allow the students some   time free time on educational games and websites that have been shared by their teachers. 

2.             We offer continuous access to water with our filtered water fountain in the cafeteria.

3.             We will provide at least two organized exercise sessions per week for students to encourage movement.

4.             We offer at least 30 minutes of free play/recess time a day.

5.             We do not allow tobacco use on our property.

6.             We make sure that our staff follow our wellness policies and set the example for our students. If they are exposed to tobacco away from work, they must wash their hands and change their clothes to minimize third hand smoke exposure.

7. We do not offer sugary snacks as a daily snack. We only have sweets on special occasions. 

Hours of Operation: 2:15-6:00 PM Daily

Contact Information: 

Maxi Henry 

After School Director

After School Office 355-4689 (please only use this number to leave me a message. I get the messages right away in my email.)

Front Office 355-4480

E-Mail Ms. Henry