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Noblesse oblige


In-person meetings will resume when we return on Attendance Plan 5.

Prior to returning full time, meetings can be called at any time and a video will be posted to Google Classroom for all members to watch

All meetings begin promptly at 8:15 am



TBD, spring

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"Noblesse oblige" is the motto for the Lynn Knight Chapter of the National Honor Society. It translates as "nobility obliges" and denotes the concept that nobility extends beyond mere entitlements and requires the person who holds such a status to fulfill social responsibilities.

Members of the Lynn Knight Chapter are required to give 12 hours of their time in service to a cause or organization every academic semester.

Service Request Form

Service Hours Due Dates

S1 - January 15, 2021

12 hours due

4:00 pm

Service hour log sheets must be turned in to Mr. Bowen in room 515 or Mrs. Nicholson in room 1211.

Service Hour Log Sheet

Service Hours Log Sheet

2020-2021 Executive Council

Champ Workman


Emma Kim

Vice President

Lily Meisten

Vice President

Harvey Villanueva


Chris Kaufmann


James Moon

Public Relations

Sarah Buford


Jake Morris


Mr. Jeremy Bowen

Mrs. Tiffany Nicholson

Chapter Advisers