Why choose HVAC/R?

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) will lead you to a career with many job opportunities, but that is not the only reason to choose this lab.

In addition to teaching basic HVAC/R skills, you are taught to utilize your logical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to think about what possible solutions are before they troubleshoot equipment and think about whether their solutions are logical or not. Multiple different teaching strategies and developed handouts are utilized. Open communication of course instructional materials, grading policies, and other guidelines are shared. The students are treated fairly, honestly and consistently as they should be! Students are encouraged to work in groups (as long as they all participate!). This provides students with vital opportunities to effectively troubleshoot as a team, yet affording each of them the maximum learning experiences. There are plenty of activities to be be done individually also. They are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate, and in return, I show them real world experiences.