Worden's Wayfinders

Welcome To Third Grade

For thousands of years Polynesian Navigators used the sun, stars, and ocean currents to navigate the seas and move from island to island. These Navigators were called Wayfinders. Welcome all my new Wayfinders and I look forward to navigating third grade with you.

Erika Worden

Buena Vista Elementary

Third Grade Teacher

Email: eworden@greenville.k12.sc.us

Phone: 864-355-2234

Buena Vista Mission Statement

The mission of Buena Vista Elementary School is to educate students while supporting them socially and emotionally as they develop into responsible 21st Century learners.

Mrs. Worden's Mission

I will work with a team of teachers and parents to foster student growth both socially and academically while providing a high quality education.

The Wayfinder Mission Statement

BVES Absence Note