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MasteryConnect/TE 21

District-wide Assessment Tools

What is MasteryConnect/TE21?

MasteryConnect is a an online resource that will help Greenville County Schools (GCS) teachers identify and track student mastery of South Carolina College and Career Readiness (SCCCR) Standards to inform teaching practice. Specifically, teachers will be able to share curriculum maps, resources, and assessments in one place. Also, this platform allows teachers to develop, administer, and score assessments easily. Mastery Connect has a social media component that enables schools - across the district and the state - to share assessments and resources with other teachers.

TE21’s Collaborative Assessments Solutions for Education (CASE) is the provider of the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards-aligned assessments. The assessments are aligned specifically to our GCS district curriculum in core subjects.

MasteryConnect overview (90 second video)

Why Are We Using MasteryConnect/TE21?

The Vision of Greenville County Schools:

To be an exemplary, continuously improving educational organization in which all students achieve their maximum potential through a rigorous, engaging curriculum and support systems that cultivate and promote their well-being.

  • GCS strategic goal #1 - student learning and achievement
    • Raise the academic challenge and performance of each student.
    • Strategy 3 - Develop and implement innovative assessments across all grade levels and content areas that align to Common Core State Standards (SCCCR now) and measure 21st century critical thinking skills.
  • Use data to drive instruction to make informed instructional decisions
    • Adjust instruction in a timely (during the learning process) manner
    • Align to standards
    • Increase rigor (instruction and assessment)

What is MasteryConnect/TE21 replacing?

MAP will no longer be administered in all grades K-8. MAP will be given in grades 2, 5 and 8. All MAP testing will be a winter administration.

About the MasteryConnect Platform

MasteryConnect is a cloud-based software platform that allows teachers to track student mastery of standards. It strives to make it easier for teachers to administer, create and grade assessments (namely, ongoing assessments aimed to inform teaching and learning that help students master the standards).

The platform includes several components:

  • MasteryConnect’s Learning Community allows teachers to connect with like-minded teachers and to share, remix and discuss assessments that are tied to specific state and/or district standards and aligned to the GCS curriculum maps.
  • MasteryConnect's Mindful tool provides virtual professional development allowing teachers to individualize their own learning in their own time.
  • MasteryConnect's assessment platfom allows teachers to upload their own assessments, use community or publisher-created tests and quizzes to assess students level of mastery towards the standards.
  • MasteryConnect's Socrative Tool allows teachers to check in with your students throughout class to instantly gauge their understanding. All their answers and ideas will populate teacher's dashboard in real time.
  • MasteryConnect's School/District reporting for teachers, parent, and administrators allows for real-time information right from the classroom about standards that have been taught and assessed.