Drop Off & Pick Up

ARMES Traffic Information

The ARMES faculty created this short video to help clarify the traffic procedures that have been put in place to safeguard our students.

Due to the number of different schools and programs that share the drop off and pick up lanes, after school traffic at the Fine Arts Center is much more complicated than most school situations. Therefore, the ARMES instructors ask for strict adherence to the rules that have been set forth to safeguard our students. Traffic guidelines and safety issues will be discussed in detail at the parent meetings that take place before classes start in August. Failure to comply with these rules may place your child's standing in the ARMES program at risk.

Drop off Instructions: Follow the GREEN LINE

  • Please do not drop your student off before the designated time since there will be no one to supervise them.

  • As you come into the Wade Hampton/Fine Arts Center entrance off of Pine Knoll Drive take an immediate left, then take the first right. The sign saying "staff parking only" does not apply after school.

  • Continue on around to the designated cross walk and drop your students off there. Someone will be in place to help students cross safely.

  • The YELLOW LINE in the inner parking lot on the map above indicates the proper drop off zone.

  • Students MUST use the cross walk which is marked in blue.

  • ONLY cars who are picking up elementary students, while dropping off middle school students, may drop-off in the pick-up line. (See below)

Pick up Instructions: Follow the RED LINE

  • Be on time to pick up your students. Being late causes multiple problems and may place your child's standing in the ARMES program at risk.

  • As you come in the Wade Hampton/Fine Arts Center entrance off of Pine Knoll Drive continue straight and stay in the right hand lane whenever possible. DO NOT cut in ahead of others in line.

  • As you approach the Fine Arts Center, watch for teachers and staff and follow their directions.

  • Please do not stop on the cross walk!

  • Students may only load in the area indicated by the YELLOW LINE.

  • Please pull as far forward as you can before stopping to pick up your child. This will allow more cars to load at the same time, and will speed up the process.

  • DO NOT allow students to load if you are in the left hand lane.

  • Parents may choose to park in the inner parking lot and have their students walk over to meet them. Students MUST use the cross walk.

Problems & Complaints:

  • If you are having any problems with drop-off or pick-up that need to be addressed, please email one of our directors or your child's teacher about the situation.

  • During drop-off or pick-up teachers and staff are focused on monitoring both students and traffic, so trying to talk with them at that time is counter-productive.

Unusual Situations:

On most days, ARMES traffic moves quickly and easily when drivers are paying attention. However if there is a special event happening at Wade Hampton such as sports, performances, or community meetings, the usual traffic is often doubled or tripled. Many of these drivers have never been to Wade Hampton before and have no idea that there is a large student parking lot located behind the Fine Arts Center. At that point, people will start parking wherever they can find a space, and often end up blocking the pick-up lane. If this situation occurs, please be patient, respectful, and watchful. Pay attention to the ARMES staff because we may be improvising in order to get students into cars as safely and quickly as possible.