Audition Information

Any student who wishes to audition must have a completed nomination form which will be posted on this website from mid-February to mid-April. The nomination form may be completed by a teacher, parent, or the student. A separate nomination form must be filled out for each area in which the student is applying. The students will then be scheduled for an audition in mid to late May.

Nominations are currently closed.

Each discipline holds auditions that are appropriate for that particular art form. Below is a listing outlining what each audition consists of, and what students will need to be prepared to do.


  • Time Commitment: 45 Min. to an hour dependining on grader level
  • Clothing: Students should wear clothes they can move comfortably in, such as shorts & t-shirt or dance attire (girls - leotard, etc. if they want). Either choice is fine for the audition! Students will dance barefoot for the audition.
  • Materials Needed: None
  • Required Preparations: None


  • Time Commitment: 30 - 45 Min.
  • Clothing: Comfortable clothes
  • Materials Needed: None
  • Required Preparations: Elementary students: None, Middle School: A short piece will be sent to you

Students will be sent audition instructions after the nomination deadline. Students auditioning for the elementary program will audition in a group setting, and will engage in group playmaking. No preparation is required. Students auditioning for the Middle School program will also audition in a group setting, but will be sent a short passage to prepare in advance of the audition. The auditions for all levels will be conducted like a workshop. Students should dress comfortably so that they can move easily, and do not need to bring anything with them.


  • Time Commitment: 15 Min.
  • Clothing: Comfortable clothes
  • Materials Needed: None
  • Required Preparations: Scales, Piece that demonstrates current ability level

Visual Art

  • Time Commitment: 60 min.
  • Clothing: Comfortable clothes that are easily washed
  • Materials Needed: None
  • Required Preparations: None

Students applying for visual art will be auditioned in groups in a setting that mimics a regular art class. Each student will be asked to do two different drawings while working with an artist/teacher. The first drawing will be from a still life and will show something of the students technical ability. The second drawing will be done from the student's imagination in response to a specific prompt. This drawing will show more of the student's creative ability. The entire process takes a little over an hour and all necessary materials will be provided. Portfolios will not be viewed.


  • Time Commitment: 45 Minutes
  • Clothing: School Appropriate Clothing
  • Materials Needed: Pencil
  • Required Preparations: None

Students auditioning for ARMES Writing only need to bring a pencil and a good attitude. Students will write two short pieces (1 creative, 1 personal) and participate in a collaborative storytelling exercise. No portfolios or previous work will be viewed. Notify the instructor at least two (2) weeks in advance if accommodations (computer, time modifications, etc.) are necessary for the audition.