Application FAQs

The online nomination form for the ARMES program will be available from mid February to mid April. Only online nominations are accepted. If you are unable to access the online form, please contact (864) 355-2630.

What does ARMES stand for?

ARMES stands for Arts Reaching Middle and Elementary Schools.

What are the different art areas in ARMES?

Dance, Drama, Strings, Visual Arts and Writing. Students may be nominated and audition for as many areas as they have talent and interest. A separate nomination form for each discipline is required, and students may only participate in one area each year.

Who is eligible to participate?

Students must be in 3rd–8th grade in their year of participation in the ARMES Program. Any resident of Greenville County may apply, which includes our charter school, homeschool and private school student populations.

How does the process work?

Students must be nominated in order to have an audition. Anyone can nominate a student. This includes teachers, parents, other adults, students or a self nomination. Nominations will be live at this website from mid February to mid April. Remember to print a copy of your nomination before you submit. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. No separate recommendation letter is required.

Where can I find the GCS Student ID?

All Greenville County and Charter school students have a Student ID number which may be found on your child’s report card and on the Parent Portal. Private school students can enter their school name in place of the number and home school students may simply enter, “Home School”.

What if I did not get a nomination confirmation?

Contact the ARMES teacher for the program in which you nominated, or contact the ARMES coordinator before the posted deadline. We can check to see if the nomination went through and if the email address you entered is correct. If it did not go through, we will ask you to enter another. Print the nomination before you click “submit” and that can serve as proof if there is a problem.

What happens next?

You will be notified by email, usually at the beginning of May, with an audition date and time for each discipline for which your child is auditioning. All auditions will take place in mid-May.

I never received an email about an audition, what should I do?

If you have not received an email by the second week in May, please contact the teacher(s) in the discipline for which your child wants an audition.

What if I need to change my student’s audition date?

Audition dates are limited. If you need to change the date, please email the arts teacher listed on your audition letter for that discipline as soon as possible to inquire about another audition date.

Where and when will the auditions and classes take place?

All classes are offered during the school year, after school, twice a week, for the whole school year. The exact schedule depends on the discipline chosen and by either by grade or by ability level. All ARMES classes and auditions will be held at the Fine Arts Center | 102 Pine Knoll Drive | Greenville, SC 29609.

How long does the audition take?

Plan on around an hour depending on the discipline. An email with more information about the specific audition will be set to you by the ARMES teacher.

Does my child need to have experience in order to audition?

No, many of our students are beginning students. Students should have a great interest in the subject and show talent in the area.

What does my child need to bring to the audition?

• DANCE - Students should wear moveable clothes, such as shorts & t-shirt or dance attire (girls - leotard, etc. if they want). Either choice is fine for the audition! We will dance barefoot for the audition.

• DRAMA - Students should wear comfortable clothing to the audition, and bring a pen or pencil. Students will audition in groups and the process takes from between 30 - 45 minutes. Full information will be sent to students with their audition date and time.

• STRINGS - This program is for students interested in orchestral strings (Violin, Viola and Cello). Students will be placed according to skill level rather than age or grade level. Beginning Strings Class Students are not required or expected to have any previous string instrument playing experience. Students should be prepared to sing "Do, re mi, fa, sol, fa, mi, re, do" after the teacher and do an activity for finger agility. Also, each student will be asked to echo short clapped rhythm patterns as well as exhibit other basic fundamental music aptitude skills. Intermediate and Advanced Strings Classes Students interested in auditioning for Intermediate and Advanced Classes should prepare a scale and solo piece of their choice to best demonstrate their performance knowledge and skills. Students wishing to qualify for the advanced class will be expected to play at least 2 octave scales in the major keys and some exposure to 2 octave minor scales. Students will also be asked to perform a short sight reading excerpt and demonstrate other basic music skills such as clapping or singing rhythm and melodic patterns.

• VISUAL ARTS - Students DO NOT need to bring anything to the audition. Portfolios will not be viewed. For the audition, students will be doing a series of drawing assignments in a group setting and all materials will be provided for the student.

• WRITING - Students only need to bring a pencil to the audition. Writing samples and/or portfolios will not be viewed. For the audition, students will be completing a written exercise in a group setting.

When should I hear the results from the audition?

All acceptance notifications will be sent out by email to parents shortly after the end of schools Accepted students will have attachments for enrollment paperwork. Parents should reply and return enrollment forms by mail or drop off forms at the Fine Arts Center office by the posted date.