German 4H

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Syllabus & Pacing Guide

Syllabus_German4 best.docx
1. BE careful!
No actions allowed that would harm a person or an object!
2. BE a respectful listener/speaker!
Raise your hand to speak. No speaking while others are speaking. No inappropriate or harmful language! Respect others thoughts, beliefs, or opinions.
3. BE a leader!
Follow the directions the first time they are given, and help your classmates do the same! Put effort and enthusiasm into classroom activities and interacting with your classmates!
4. BE ready!
Bring all materials (binder, workbooks, book, writing utensils, homework, etc.) to class with you! You will not be permitted to leave the classroom once you are here! When the bell rings you are to be in your seat working on the bell work!
5. BE a German-speaker! Sprich Deutsch!  
Participate in class as much as possible and use your German as much as possible! 
6. BE hydrated, BUT:
No food or drink allowed except for water!