Black Out Reading!

We "drop everything and read" almost every day in the library, but once in a while, we spice it up by reading with flashlights!

Learning Centers!

We use learning centers such as arts & crafts, puzzles & games, and the Makerspace to build motor skills and foster cooperation!

Book Fair!

Every Fall and Spring, we host a book fair for students to purchase new and favorite books and support our library!

Reading All-Stars!

Our Greenville Drive Reading All-Star students read 5+ books and turn in a log of their progress! 

Battle of the Books!

We have a team of 4th-5th grade students who read 10 novels and compete in a district quiz bowl!

ENG Morning News!

Each morning, we have students who come to the library studio to broadcast the news to the entire school!

Tech Tools!

We will occasionally break out new, innovative devices and tools for students to enhance learning - such as VR visors!

Fun with Origami!

Ms. Woodall is a wizard at origami, and our students enjoy honing their skills at crafting cool origami projects like paper cranes!