Green County Schools 

Student Registration

Welcome to Green County Schools Online Registration System for students.

                                           Student registration consists of two parts:  online (digital) registration and written (paper) registration.                                                

Please reference the information below and each school's individual page to ensure that you provide all necessary information.  Thank you!

Online (Digital) Registration

Please click each button below and complete these 4 short surveys.

Only ONE form per household is necessary.  Thank you!

Information specific to your child's school can be found by clicking the school tab in the upper right corner of this page.  Please review these documents with your student(s).  When you complete written registration at your child's school, you will be asked to sign the "Online Registration Checklist" to verify that you have read and understand these documents.

Written (Paper) Registration

The forms below will be provided by your child's school.  They must be completed in ink and kept on file in the school office.

If you need assistance, please contact your student's school:

Green County Primary School                         270.932.6619

Green County Intermediate School                270.932.6613

Green County Middle School                           270.932.6615

Green County High School                               270.932.6610

Green County Area Technology Center     270-932-6605

If you are interested in volunteering, you may also pick up a copy of this application at your student's school.