GGS Medical Society provides a place for aspiring medical professionals to learn and prosper. There is tailored advice made available to every member that is part of the society, with constant opportunities to enhance your knowledge. If you're interested in a healthcare related degree, veterinary science or a career in dentistry then the Medical Society is the place for you!

The Medical Society hopes to provide every member with a good understanding of their chosen profession and where it can take you. With constant challenges and guidance the society serves to better every members' ability to tackle challenging tasks going forward. There is an adept focus on university admissions, personal statements and the world of work - whilst much of this support is guided by qualified doctors, vets, university admissions officers and career professionals to ensure that everyone who attends will learn something useful. We aim to leave a lasting impression on our members and hope to serve an invaluable experience for all who join.

We have students across the whole country

Medical Schools our students have secured places at are:

  • Leicester Medical School

  • Hull York Medical School

  • University College London Medical School

  • University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Norwich Medical School

  • Sheffield Medical School

  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School

  • University of Southampton School of Medicine