Neurodiversity Is Normal

Just as external characteristics such as height, weight, and eye color vary widely among people, the human brain within people also varies widely.

This variation manifests itself in:

  • how a person relates to and behaves with themselves, with other people, and with the world;

  • how they learn new knowledge and skills; and

  • what they possess and exhibit as their cognitive and behavioral strengths that could be valuable assets in the workplace.

This variation has existed throughout human history, making the world a better place for all.

The neurodiversity movement views and respects the variation in brain function and behavior as normal. Neurodiversity Pathways advocates Inclusion for Abilities and Acceptance for Differences in the workplace. While neurological variation is quite common, the understanding of it is quite uncommon, unfortunately.

Developing a better self-awareness of ways we may be neurodivergent would enable us to be:

  • better advocates for ourselves in life and in the workplace so that our strengths can shine forth

  • more inclusive and supportive of neurodivergent talent in our teams to foster greater innovation

A world that embraces our diversity in all aspects including neurodiversity is a better world for all!

We have developed a set of quizzes aimed at developing an awareness of ways we may be different in the following dimensions:

Click on each dimension above to see the results from our sample to date.

Are you curious about your own neurodivergence?

Take our quizzes and get an email with feedback on ways you may be different in each of the dimensions above. While learning about yourself, you would also be making a valuable contribution to the data we are collecting to demonstrate the normalcy of neurodiversity. Don't worry. We won't use your email for any other purpose.

Disclaimer: These quizzes are not meant to formally diagnose you in any manner. Their sole aim is to help us develop an awareness of ways we are all different in how our brains work.