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"Welcome to a world where the transformative power of creativity merges with the principles of a positive mindset, a combination that has profoundly shaped my life in my most difficult times. I'm Dionne Malush, an avid reader, a creator and a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. My journey, enriched by the countless books I've explored, has spanned nearly 35 years in graphic design and recently ventured into the innovative realm of AI. These pages have not only broadened my knowledge but have also reinforced a mindset focused on positivity and resilience. Here, I share how a blend of lifelong learning, an optimistic outlook, and the invaluable lessons from my reading adventures have been instrumental in my professional achievements and personal development. Join me in exploring how the synergy of reading, a positive mindset, and relentless optimism can be the catalysts for success and fulfillment, from the vibrant streets of Pittsburgh to the cutting-edge forefront of technology and beyond."

Dionne Malush, a luminary in the graphic design realm with nearly 35 years of experience, has recently expanded her expertise into the innovative world of AI. Starting her career in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, Dionne mastered the art of graphic design, skillfully blending creativity with practicality. As technology evolved, so did her skills and interests, leading her to the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. This foray into AI has added a new dimension to her already impressive portfolio, making Dionne a unique blend of traditional design wisdom and modern technological savvy. Her journey from a seasoned graphic designer to an AI enthusiast marks her as a versatile and forward-thinking professional in an ever-evolving industry.

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2023 AI ART CREATION - One of my favorites - "I feel you"

Dionne's story 

Growing up on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Dionne realized early on that hard work was essential for achieving her goals. Her father's long hours enabled her mother to be a constant presence in their lives, a blessing Dionne cherished. Her mother's involvement with Christmas Around the World sparked Dionne's enduring love for giving and the festive season. At 16, while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Dionne juggled three jobs, showcasing her determination and work ethic.

Despite modest means, Dionne's family life was rich with homemade dinners and abundant love. Her parents, Jason, and her sisters remain her closest confidants and friends. After graduating from AIP, Dionne's strong-willed and independent nature made it clear that working for others wasn't her path. She dabbled in a few jobs, but after being disciplined for overworking, she used her time to learn about computers, a skill only briefly touched upon in her final semester.

This self-taught period was a turning point, leading Dionne to start her own business with guidance from her parents. Her journey was marked by trial and error, but she persevered. She launched her business, Total Grafx, in a small business center in Monessen, and has been self-employed ever since. Her company flourished into PrimeTime Design Co., creating logos and promotional products for various clients, including Dance Mom's - Abby Lee Miller, JetStream Ground Services, C.Harper Chevrolet, HROIC, Carnegie Library of Homestead, and many more, including labor unions like the Steamfitters 449, Teamsters 250.

In the early 2000s, Dionne ventured into a partnership to buy another company, achieving over $1,000,000 in sales. However, the partnership eventually led to the company's downfall, a challenging period for her. During this time, Dionne's interest in real estate grew. She decided to pursue it part-time alongside her graphic design career. Once she closed her first real estate deal, there was no looking back. She found a way to blend her creative skills with her real estate ventures.

Eventually, Dionne shifted to focus primarily on real estate, making design work a part-time, case-by-case endeavor. This transition in 2004 led to the past six years and owning her own company, Realty ONE Group Gold Standard. Her creativity played a significant role in selling numerous homes in the Pittsburgh area. Partnering with Mike Hanlon to purchase they franchise, they brought a disruptive force to the Pittsburgh real estate market.

Through ups and downs, Dionne's resilience has always been a cornerstone of her journey, embodying a spirit of never giving up.


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