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The four empires of GISD are suffering extreme drought and famine. It has been proclaimed by the great leaders of these regions that the territories can no longer thrive in their current state. Therefore, you have been commissioned to show loyalty to your ruler by working to reach the Land of Godley. There, the terrain is fertile and lush, water abounds, and animals outnumber humans. As you move along the path to the great land you will increase your noble rank and eventually become King or Queen of your own domain, ensuring the people of your empire will thrive once again. The rulers know the journey could be a treacherous one, but they trust their brave knights will overcome the formidable obstacles that undoubtedly lie ahead. Your adventures will cause you to face challenges which will require great bravery and grit by all and may cause fear and uncertainty in some. Fear not, courageous warriors, for help is available all along the trek. Ultimately, skills learned along the way will ensure the empires' liberation from certain demise. Good luck great warriors.

All reigning royalty interested in maintaining status need to refer to the Reigning Royalty page (left sidebar) for your game rules.

Map to the Land of Godley

game board

Game of Chrome and the SAMR Model

The SAMR Model is an educational theory that is intended to gauge effective use of technology in the classroom. There are four levels to the model: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. The first two levels are said to enhance student learning, while the third and fourth levels are said to transform student learning. It is the hope of the district that, by completing the Game of Chrome challenge, you will have learned the effectiveness of integrating meaningful technology into your curriculum. Watch this video to learn more about the model.