"37 years of Golden Perfection"

The Golden Girls Drill Team was established in 1982. For 37 years, the Golden Girls Drill Team has been ambassadors for Brownsboro High School. The team performs at halftime during the football games, competes at competition and will also perform at their annual Spring Show. Please continue checking our page for videos of past performances and the dates of our upcoming performances.

We are looking forward to celebrating our 37th year!

Meet the


Golden Girls Drill Team & Company

Junior Captain: Katie Beth Bumbard

Senior Lieutenant: Madison Johnson

Junior Lieutenant: Audrey Lassanske

Junior Lieutenant: Caroline Cotten

Junior Lieutenant: Chloe Reece

Sophomore Lieutenant: Abigail Smith


  • Hayley Harris
  • Madison Johnson


  • Emily Shirley
  • Annie Essary
  • Emily Pope
  • Megan Warren
  • Belle West
  • Savannah Bannister


  • Erica McLean
  • Abigail Smith
  • Lillianna Purtee
  • Ashlyn Ebel
  • Alexis Blanton
  • Bekka Reynolds
  • Cathrine Smalling
  • Chloe Cannady
  • DeAnna Brownlee
  • Hadley Hooper
  • Isabella Arnold
  • Karilee Wyatt
  • Matthew Tibbit
  • Nikki Bartel
  • Presley Ellis
  • Shelby Short


  • Claire Anderson
  • Courtney Turner
  • Eavan McGinnins
  • Emma Gibbons
  • Hanna Arvizo
  • Lyndsey Winget
  • Shyann Toole
  • Yelitza Renteria


  • Emily Bevel- Junior
  • Ciana Kozlowski- Junior
  • Alex Anderson- Sophomore