MechanoBioDesign Laboratory

To design biomedical applications for human health and disease based on mechanobiology

Daisuke Yoshino Research Group

Institute of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Recent News

12 September 2023

AwardAyano received the Excellent Presentation Award of the 47th Annual Meeting of IESJ, 2023.

12 September 2023

Conference presentationAyano presented her research results about plasma medicine at the 47th Annual Meeting of IESJ, 2023.

5-6 September 2023

Conference presentationThree lab members presented their research results about stent mechanobiodesign, cancer biomechanics, and experimental techniques at the Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2023 (JSME).

3 September 2023

AwardFatin received the Excellent Oral Presentation Certificate of the 5th International Conference on Advances in Materials, Mechanical and Manufacturing (AMMM2023).

About the MechanoBioDesign Laboratory

MechanoBioDesign Laboratory seeks to address development of medical technologies with taking into account biological responses. To that end, we have investigated mechanisms of cellular responses to mechanical stimuli in the living body and the factors that contribute to human health and disease based on the mechanical responses at the cellular level. We also aim to establish a theory that feeds back the results of those researches to design of medical technologies.

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