School Counselling & Student Services

We are here to extend support to all students at Woodlawn High School. We focus on providing support in areas of personal, social and emotional development, academic success, career planning and future opportunities.

To make an appointment with your School Counsellor, please come by Student Services or send us an email.

*In the face of COVID - if you wish to "meet" with your counsellor via phone call or a confidential Zoom meeting, please reach out by email to let us know and we will set up a time for you. Stay safe

Mrs. Simone Crooks

Student Services Secretary

(ext): 4101004

Ms. Danita Williams

School Counsellor

Last Names A-K

(ext): 4101006

Ms. Lara Dempster

School Counsellor

Last Names L-Z

(ext): 4101007

Mr. Dan MacDonald


(ext): 4101005