Communication Plan for Parents and Students:

Contact: At any time if students or parents have any questions, I can be contacted at the following email or by calling 902-384-2320 ext 780-2305.


Powerschool: Powerschool is updated weekly and parents / students can log on to monitor progression of assessments and marks.

Webpage: My webpage is updated regularly with an ongoing list of course material including notes, assignments, documents and review material.

Missing Assignments: It is important for all assignments to be completed and handed in by the due dates posted in class. If you think you are not going to meet a due date, it is up to you, the student to make contact (either email or direct conversation) with the teacher to request an extension prior to the due date. (Extensions will not be given without valid reason). Students who do not adhere to deadlines or extended deadlines as discussed by teacher and student will have missed the opportunity to hand in that assignment. If a due date for an assignment is missed and no contact has been made prior to the due date, it will be at the discretion of the teacher to extend the deadline and accept the work past the due date. Contact with home will be made if the student is constantly failing to hand in assignments / work and not making an effort to address the issue with the teacher.

Note: In accordance with the HRCE Assessment and Evaluation Policy, late assignments may not be accepted at the discretion of the teacher. If, due to an extenuating circumstance an extension is required, it is the responsibility of the student to ask for one before the due date has arrived. Late Assignments that are accepted for marks will loose 2 points off the total score for every week it is late.

      • All due dates for assignments will be posted in class.


Assessment is the process of gathering, from a variety of sources, information that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving the learning outcomes in a course.

  • Formative Assessment is to show student and teacher where we are in the class, determine student needs / gaps, and plan next steps in instructions.
  • Summative Assessment is to determine the extent to which learning has occurred for students.

Types of assessments that will be used in class and are designed to meet the course outcomes may included ( but are not limited to), the following:

  • assignments (in class and take home)
  • test / quizzes (any missed tests or quizzes will be completed at noon hour the day of return)
  • in class activities / labs
  • projects / presentations (group and individual) / group work
  • homework check / journals / reflections
  • active listening / observations
  • entrance / exit tickets


Evaluation is the process of analyzing, reflecting upon and summarizing assessment information and making judgments / decisions based on the information gathered and learned.

Evaluations are outcome based. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding of the outcomes using a variety of assessment tools listed above. Descriptors for percentage grades are as follows:

90-100% - Demonstrates excellent understanding and application of the concepts and sills in relation to the outcomes.

80-89% - Demonstrates very good understanding and application of the concepts and sills in relation to the outcomes.

70-79% - Demonstrates good understanding and application of the concepts and sills in relation to the outcomes.

60-69% - Demonstrates satisfactory understanding and application of the concepts and sills in relation to the outcomes.

50-59% - Demonstrates limited understanding and application of the concepts and sills in relation to the outcomes.

> 50% - Has not met minimum requirements of the course.

INS - Insufficient evidence to determine grade.

IP - In progress until all components have been completed.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Positive Participation.
  • Complete assignments on time and use class time wisely.
  • Respect for students, staff, classroom and self.
  • No electronic devices or food.


If you have any difficulties, please talk to me about the problem right away. Communication is a key part to success, so letting me know about an issue early can help solve the problem. Communication methods may include: powerschool, phone calls, emails, communication logs, report cards, curriculum night, and parent-teacher interviews.

Extra help sessions will always be made available at lunch by requests.

I look forward to a successful year!