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There are many current changes happening due to the cancellation of all the IB exams for the May 2020 session. For the latest updates please visit the IBO website.

Parent/Guardian Meetings (Feb 27th)

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March 27th, 2020 - IBO Update:

What you need to do now

In order to award a Diploma or certificate, we will be requiring all schools to upload all internal assessments (IAs) for every candidate enrolled in the May 2020 session by April 20. In our joint interest of meeting the needs of our students, it is critical that you start preparing to upload these as soon as possible so we can start working on awarding our candidates.

Considering these unusual circumstances, we ask you to make every effort to prepare for the actions below. We will be advising you next week when the system is ready for additional uploads.

  • Schools who have already completed their sample uploads: you will need to prepare all the internal assessments (IAs) for all your diploma, course and CP candidates.
  • Schools who have not yet completed the uploads: you need to upload all the internal assessments (IAs) for all your diploma, course and CP candidates.
  • All schools should enter predicted grades.

For concerns regarding any specific subject coursework completion and/or uploading please contact

How the Final Results Will be Calculated

We will be using vast historical assessment data to ensure that we follow a rigorous process of due diligence in what is a truly unprecedented situation. We will be undertaking significant data analysis from previous exam sessions, individual school data, subject data as well as comparative data of schools who have already completed uploading requirements and those who have not.

What does this mean for your school?

All student coursework and associated predicted grades will need to be uploaded by 20 April. This supersedes any information or extension agreements in place.

NASA Engineer Dr. Renee Horton visits CHDHS!

On February 4th our International Baccalaureate students had a remarkable opportunity to hear Dr. Renee Horton speak at our school.

About Dr. Horton: "Dr. Horton has excelled in her career despite going through many obstacles in her journey. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Material Science with a concentration in Physics from the University of Alabama as the first African American to receive this degree. Dr. Horton serves as a NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Quality Engineer at Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans. Throughout her academic career, Dr. Horton, has received numerous accolade and awards including the Black Engineer of the Year Trailblazer Award in 2011."

Thank you Dr. Horton for your time, life lessons and inspiration to all of us!

In case you missed it, some of our grade 11 IB students were recently on Global Television evening news discussing climate change, public policy and Greta Thunberg's inspirational impact.