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Update - Grade 12 Parent/Guardian Meeting: (Oct 7th)

There will be an International Baccalaureate Programme meeting for the current grade 12 IB students and their families. This meeting will be held on October 7th, starting at 7:00 pm in the cafetorium. We feel it will be highly beneficial for any families of a student who is currently taking the full IB Diploma to attend this meeting.

Our Grade 12 IB students are entering the final stages of the IB Program. It is important that they are well prepared for the required core components to their courses and the May 2022 exam sessions. We will provide information about timelines for their major assessments, exams, the Extended Essay and CAS Programs. We will also provide all the information on the requirements for receiving the French Immersion Diploma, DELF examination and the IB Diploma.

If you are planning to attend, you must be fully vaccinated as this would be considered a non-essential gathering under the Nova Scotia Health Covid-19 gathering protocols.

Year 2 - Information Session pdf -->

May 2022 - IB Exams (Official IBO Calendar)

Year 2 - List of important dates pdf-->

  • Please note both CAS dates are 2022 deadlines, not 2021. I did not see this typo prior to printing, now updated above.

The recorded Google Meets video is currently available on the TOK, EE, Visual Arts, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Google classrooms.

Pre-IB Meeting Video:

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How do post-secondary institutions view your IB grades?

Year 2 - Deadlines List:

Attention Year 2 students, here is the list of deadlines for your graduation year.

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Please remember to prioritize your focus on the highest value items.

May 2021 Exam Schedule:

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Post-secondary Education & Application information session:

Date: September 22nd, 2020

Room: 114

Time: 9:15am - 10:30am

All Year 2 certificate and diploma are encouraged to attend this session.

Welcome Back!

We hope that you have had a good summer thus far and that everyone has remained in good health. We just wanted to share a few details with you regarding the Pre-IB classes starting this September.

1) All students In-Area (RR or SRB) who applied to CHDHS for Pre-IB have been accepted.

2) All students Out-Of-Area (OOA) from any other school who applied to CHDHS for Pre-IB have been accepted.

3) All Pre-IB course requests have been successfully built into each student's schedule.

4) There are still seats remaining in both Pre-IB English and Pre-IB French Immersion for any student who wishes to attend CHDHS for this opportunity. Any students/families interested should send me an email as soon as possible at .

5) For all students enrolled in any Pre-IB classes, a schedule will be sent electronically to their GNSPES email address by the end of next week. PowerSchool should be accessible in the relatively near future for additional course information.

Soft Landing Guidelines:

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Year 2 (Grade 12) :Calendar of academic due dates: CLICK HERE
Year 2 (Grade 12) :Parent/Guardian Meeting Presentation: Click Here

IB Programme Grade 9 Parent/Guardian Information meeting (Intro Meeting)
IB and University Preparedness

New Resources!

The Ebsco Database is now located on the Launch page of students google accounts. It can be found under the header, Learning Resources. Students just need to click the Ebsco icon and it is wide open for use. The databases the IB dept. are purchasing from Info base, Modern World History and Blooms Literary Reference are located on the school website. They click on the Cole Harbour High school Webpage, find our school - general information - online databases.

NASA Engineer Dr. Renee Horton visits CHDHS!

On February 4th our International Baccalaureate students had a remarkable opportunity to hear Dr. Renee Horton speak at our school.

About Dr. Horton: "Dr. Horton has excelled in her career despite going through many obstacles in her journey. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Material Science with a concentration in Physics from the University of Alabama as the first African American to receive this degree. Dr. Horton serves as a NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Quality Engineer at Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans. Throughout her academic career, Dr. Horton, has received numerous accolade and awards including the Black Engineer of the Year Trailblazer Award in 2011."

Thank you Dr. Horton for your time, life lessons and inspiration to all of us!

In case you missed it, some of our grade 11 IB students were recently on Global Television evening news discussing climate change, public policy and Greta Thunberg's inspirational impact.