CCJHS Back to School Plan

Copy of Parent edition: 2020 CCJHS Back to School Plan

Bring Your Own Technology

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Lice Prevention and Treatment


Homework Hub Grades 9-12

The Homework Hub is now open for tutoring for all Mathematics students in Grades 9-11. Hours are 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Digital Open Houses for the Homework Hub will be available from October 10th through the rest of the school year on an as requested basis by teachers.

What does a Nova Scotia Homework Hub (NSHH) Open House look like?

During a 20-minute Homework Hub tour with a tutor, students will learn how to log in and access a tutor on the NSHH.

Teachers will login using a gnspes account that is specifically created for your classroom session. The tutor will greet you and show you and your students some of the features of the whiteboard, how to insert an image of a question, and the ways a tutor can help students. The tutor will also explain the toll-free phone in service for those who have limited or no internet connection.

During the session, there will be an opportunity to ask general questions about the NS Homework Hub. A sample pre-arranged question can be done with the class to demonstrate how tutoring works.

Email Nancy Fournier at to arrange your Open House session.