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Doing Project- Based Science: A Curriculum Resource

This resource follows the popular philosophy in education that looks at Project Based Learning (PBL). It was put out by our Department of Education and it examines assessing for and of learning using PBL. It draws interdisciplinary connections to Mathematics and ELA. It also makes several connections to high school courses and how PBL can be used at the higher levels. It gives several examples of projects, statistics used in analysis and graphic organizers that can help with planning.


Encouraging Wonder- Junior Science Fair Info

This is a resource published by NS Youth Experiences in Science to encourage specifically Grade 7 & 8 Science Teachers to build PBL into their classes. It has curriculum connections to both levels that clearly outlines how it can be used. I particularly love that it gives a timeline that can help with the stages of creating projects for science fair as often students and teachers aren't sure when to start parts of the projects or think it is unmanageable to fit it into the tight yearly plan. In the upcoming month students should be curious and exploring different ideas for a project that interest them. Take a peek at the back and see the stats about how many medals and scholarships our NS students have been winning over the last few years at the Canada Wide Science Fairs. In particular the Valley has been well known for great showings at the national level! This past year all of our AVRSB Finalists won bronze medals and our Finalist from Kings Edgehill won silver!

Encouraging Wonder - Junior - Science Fair Info.pdf

Program Details for Teachers and Information to be distributed to Students

Brochure 2019.pdf
Info to students and parents 2019.pdf
Program Details 2019.pdf
Science Fair Poster 2019.pdf


A document our committee developed to align with the current pedagogy in Science Grades P-12. It is a rubric you may use at your fair or in your class to assess learning

AVRSF rubric.pdf

Judging Documents

These are some documents that can be adapted if you are looking for ways to evaluate projects at your school based fair.

Science Fair Judging Form Display Projects.doc
Science Fair Judging Form Experiement Projects.doc
Science Fair Peer Evaluation Rubric.doc
Science Fair Rubric.doc