Project-Based Learning

In addition to the rigorous academics and the infusion of technology, the biggest hallmark of the CAAT program is the cross-curricular team planning that happens within each grade level. Our teachers work hard to create a variety of creative, engaging projects for students to demonstrate their learning. One of the benefits to a smaller magnet program is that cross-curricular projects can be planned more easily. Our small size also allows for a number of engaging field trips around the state to enhance the learning experience of each unit. This page contains a sample of some of the types of projects and field trips that students have experienced in the past through the CAAT program. We are always dreaming up new ideas!

6th Grade Examples

Geology in Real Life

Students visited the State Caverns in Marianna, Florida to experience the geology of our state first-hand. While there, students completed activities about poetry and imagery in nature, practiced nature photography techniques, as well as created cave drawings that might have adorned the caves of ancient Floridians.

Mount Everest Scrapbook Project

After reading the novel Peak by Roland Smith, students created a cross-curricular scrapbook with a variety of assignments tied into the novel: creative journals about the characters, mountain climbing calculations, research essays, and more. They also visited a local rock climbing gym to experience a real climbing challenge.

The Science of Weather

After reading the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, students studied the weather patterns of Florida and its impact on our local environment. They took a trip to visit the Weather Center at the University of Florida for a look at professional meteorological study and newscasting equipment.

7th Grade Examples

State Government in Action

Students visited the capitol complex in Tallahassee to learn about the three branches of state government. They toured the capitol building, participated in a mock legislative session, and held a mock oral argument in the Supreme Courthouse. Students used Adobe Photoshop to create postcards about their trip.

Class T-Shirt Design Contest

Every year, students compete to design their own 8th Grade t-shirt. They use Adobe Illustrator to create fully vectorized artwork, and then prepare their work for screen printing by using the Pantone color library. The class votes on the winning design, which is printed for students to wear with pride.

Animals in Captivity Debate

After visiting the Jacksonville zoo, students did research in Language Arts to prepare for a debate in Life Science on the ethics of keeping animals in captivity. Students used their own artwork and photographs from the zoo to create posters in Adobe Illustrator that represented their research as an infographic.

8th Grade Examples

Science Fair Websites

To prepare for their 8th grade science fair projects, students researched background information on the science behind their experiment. They then compiled their research into a website that they designed themselves as a creative format to present their findings.

352 Mentorship

Team members from 352 Inc visited our web design class to talk about their teamwork model. Then students attended a day of workshops at the team's local office, where they worked with professional web designers to come up with a prototype for their own digital product.

Custom Model Rocket Designs

Using open source software and Adobe Photoshop, students designed and 3D printed their own custom model rockets. They launched their creations and measured their height using an altimeter, then calculated the rocket's altitude and compared it to the computer model data.

Please enjoy a short video about Oak View's 8th grade rocket project.

This video was created by a student using Adobe Premiere Pro!