Ms. Fried's 5th grade class

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Team!

Glen Grove is a school where our learning environment is based on a set of learner centered principles that guide educational practice in the Glenview Schools.

We believe in using a problem based, project learning approach, while maintaining the focus on personalized learning with the support of technology.

We here at Glen Grove encourage students to be active, self-directed learners. Each student, working with their homeroom teacher and parents, develops responsibility for designing projects, setting deadlines, and meeting curriculum objectives.

Student Handbook Reference

Conference Reflection Form

Trimester 2 Reading Quest

Due: Wednesday, March 6th

Objective: Students will be able to read at least 7 independent reading books around their Lexile Level and pass a Reading Counts test on their iPad with at least 70% accuracy.


  • 8+ books- Extending
  • 7 books- Meeting
  • 5-6 books- Developing
  • 4 or less- Beginning

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