We hope you find the learning on this website helpful in supporting family learning at home. This along with class blogs (which can be found on the Main school website link above) and Google Classroom provides a variety of learning opportunities for you to engage with. Please see the pages at the top for different curricular areas.

If you have any trouble accessing or viewing any part of this section of our website, please let Mrs Laird know by emailing her;

This site was set-up to support Family Learing. From October 2019, we moved towards Family Learning and away from set homework. There have been recent articles related to the stress homework can cause and research has shown that the benefits for Primary school children are limited. However, when parents voted two years ago, the majority wished homework to continue.

Parental engagement and family learning have been shown to have much better impacts.

Glenurquhart Primary has various home learning opportunities and a page for each of these are included at the top.

June focus - Outdoor Learning

Homework ~ w.b. 20.6.22

We hope you had fun at Sports on Friday. What was your favourite potted sport? Can you try to get better at it than you did in school? Can you design some new potted sports for next year? or an alternative sports day? We'd love to hear/see your results or ideas.

Homework ~ w.b. 13.6.22

This week we've added the Outdoor Classroom Day resources below. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there are lots of ideas including, how to make a tin bug hotel and nature-themed dress up ideas.

Homework ~ w.b. 6.6.22

As we move into June, all classes are taking their learning outside and going for outdoor learning awards.

This week, take a look at the ideas in the Learning through Landscapes page opposite. The school received resources from them last session and have been using them down at 'The Cover' with the older children.

May focus - Numeracy

Homework ~ w.b. 30.5.22

The week's activities relate to the upcoming Jubilee. Go to the website opposite for eight different activities relating maths to the Jubilee that you can have a go at this week or, over the long weekend.

Many of these can be adapted for younger children. There is also a symmetrical crown design that children can make or do a similar activity of their own creation of.

Homework ~ w.b. 23.5.22

Apologies that family learning was missed last week.

Continuing looking at measure ...

Early Level (P1) - a link to Education Scotland activity

First Level (P2-4) - Scavenger Hunt activity

Second Level (P5-7) - Measure at home investigations

Homework ~ w.b. 9.5.22

Now that we are further into the session, we turn our focus back towards Numeracy to allow you to practice the different areas you have been looking at.

This week can you enjoy some of the activities in the ICT Games link? Most classes have been looking at Measure in some way. What have you been doing? Can you complete some of the games here?

March/April focus - Enjoyment of Reading

Homework ~ w.b. 25.4.22

For the final week of April, although not reading specifically, we're going to have a design competition. We have various items coming soon that will allow to create movement paths around the playground and in the school. I've created a Pinterest board opposite with ideas. Could the children design their own movement path and hand it in to Mrs Laird?

Homework ~ w.b. 21.3.22 and 28.3.22

For the last two weeks of term, I have created a challenge chart that you can pick from for these weeks (and possibly some to enjoy over the Easter break.) Bring in your chart and share with your teacher or Mrs Laird which you enjoyed most and what you found out.

Homework ~ w.b. 14.3.22

This week you have a Book Treasure Hunt. Go on a Treasure Hunt in your family to find out the favourite reads (not just books) of five different family members. Do you know any of them? Could you read one of them? Could you find out the author? Cover? Read the blurb and guess what it is about?

Homework ~ w.b. 7.3.22

Moving on from the fun had for World Book Day last week, we are using March to consider how we can further develop a love of reading.

For this week we are setting an 'Extreme Reading' challenge. Where is the most obscure and entertaining place that children can be found reading? Send your photos by email or share in Google with Mrs Laird - We'll create a collage for display. Some of the staff will be taking part too!

February focus - Writing

Homework ~ w.b. 28.2.22

Writing this week is related to Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day on Tuesday. Can the children write instructions, a recipe, a poem, a report, describe their favourite topping, draw a picture and write about it related to this?

I have also added a list of writing suggestions for each day of March to support with ideas.

You can also find writing linked with World Book Day in the 'Right of the Week' page.

Homework ~ w.b. 14.2.22

This month is part of the Big Schools' Birdwatch month. I have added resources to the Literacy page below around common garden birds.

Ideas this week;

  • draw and describe your favourite garden bird (P1/2)

  • keep a bird watching journal

  • write a report on your favourite garden bird

  • make a fact file on certain birds

  • create a quiz around garden birds

  • write a report on the importance of birds/ the RSPB/migration

Think about what they look like, their size, what they eat, where they nest, their young, how to describe their song etc.

Homework ~ w.b. 7.2.22

Tuesday, 8th February is Safer Internet Day and I have added a poster with top 10 tips for staying respectful online to the Literacy and Digital pages.

Can you create your own piece of work for staying safe online? This could be a poster, powerpoint, letter to parents/children/teachers, instructions, list and include what you have seen in school or read together with your parents in the poster opposite.

Homework ~ w.b. 31.1.22

As we move to Writing as our focus this month, there are various areas to support on the Literacy page below. The activity this week ties in with Harry Potter Book Night on 3rd February.

There is a picture of a mini dragon from Literacy Shed and discussion pointers. Can the children create a written piece from these. I'd love to see their pieces.

January focus - Health and Wellbeing

Homework ~ w.b. 24.1.22

I've added challenges for each level to the Health and Wellbeing page below. This resource from the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education (SATPE) can help families to lead an active lifestyle together, developing not only their physical wellbeing but emotional, mental and social wellbeing too. Have fun and let us know which you tried and enjoyed.

Homework ~ w.b. 17.1.22

We had an excellent assembly from Mr Quigley on Wednesday last week reminding us of our digital wellbeing and how you should treat others they way you would like to be treated both online and offline. For homework this week, try to remember 3 things that you could do to feel good and confident when online or respond to something unkind? Use the video that I've posted on the Digital Learning page to help. You could make a poster or write them down to help remind yourself.

Homework ~ w.b. 10.1.22

We have started this term with our Health and Wellbeing week. This has a focus on Digital Wellbeing and Physical activity. This week you are challenged to complete 10 minutes activity each night at home. See the Health and Wellbeing page for Disney, Pixar and Marvel ideas or, try some of the Go Noodle sessions that you enjoy in class. You could also have a go at making your own '10 minute shake-up' activity. For this you have to move for all of the 10 minutes. Can you encourage others in your household to join in?

December focus - Listening and Talking

Homework ~ December

For the rest of this term, through December, we will be focusing on listening and talking. The children will have lines to learn for Christmas songs and the infants for a nativity. Click down to Listening and Talking within the Literacy section below for some support in what we are looking for at different levels so that you can practice to give your best performance and also to improve your listening skills in class. There are also some fun games you may wish to try.

October and November focus - Numeracy

Homework ~ week beginning 22.11.21

Our last week focussing on maths and numeracy sees a game to practise multiplication tables - Lotzov. For those working at Early level, use the dice, cards or pasta to practise your addition within 12.

See details on how to play the game for different levels on the Maths and Numeracy page below.

Homework ~ week beginning 15.11.21

This week we have a website to have a go at or you can try to play 'Tricky Click' to extend your work from last week.

See details on how to play the game for different levels on the Maths and Numeracy page below.

Homework ~ week beginning 8.11.21

This week we are playing a game using the playing cards in your pack or the Tens Frames and counters. Lots of different ways you can make these suit the stage you are working at in Maths. The main thing is have fun! 'Click' is one of my favourite games.

See details on how to play the game for different levels on the Maths and Numeracy page below.

Homework ~ week beginning 1.11.21

Enjoy the dice challenge of building the biggest/smallest number you can. Who will win?

See details on how to play the game for different levels on the Maths and Numeracy page below.

Homework ~ week beginning 4.10.21

We move our learning to look at Numeracy for the months of October and November. Numeracy home learning packs were issued to all new families to the school today. These activities should help use the resources from these.

For this week, we are looking at maths and numeracy in our everyday lives.

September focus - Children's Rights

Homework ~ week beginning 27.9.21

Our last week with a focus on rights. This week we look at the right to education. Our Picture News links with this and the element of caring for our environment by looking at 'Should disposable masks be banned?'

Homework ~ week beginning 20.9.21

In classes we have been considering Pupil Voice as our citizenship groups started on Friday last week. Our Right of the Week - Articles 12 and 13 relate to this and our Wonder of the Week 'Why is it important for you to have a voice in school?'

This week's Picture News discussion poster is linked with hurricane Ida.

Homework ~ week beginning 13.9.21

This week look at the Picture News discussion poster linked with our 'Wonder of the Week' - How do refugees feel leaving their homes?

We also have an extra looking at Emma Raducanu's recent victory.

Also, related work around our Right of the Week - article 7 (birth registration, name, nationality and care.)

Homework ~ week beginning 6.9.21

This week look at the Picture News discussion poster linked with our 'Wonder of the Week' - Can the Paralympics help us become more inclusive of others?

Also, related work around our Right of the Week - article 23 with a focus on children with disabilities.

Homework ~ week beginning 30.8.21

This week look at the Picture News discussion poster linked with our 'Wonder of the Week' - What makes a good Olympic sport?

Also, related work around our Right of the Week - article 31 with a focus on sports.