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Glenn County's STEM Expo brings significant changes to our traditional science fair. The most significant change involves the creation of several more categories for project submission, each with a new and unique set of judging criteria. The new judging documents can be previewed at the bottom of this page.

These documents are always under review and may change at any time. Any changes within two months prior to the event should be minor corrections or clarifications only.

When looking at these rubrics while preparing a student project entry please consider the following:

  • Each category description tells what is recommended for a successful entry -- so be sure to review all documents when creating your project!

  • Each project will have areas of greater strength -- We do not expect those areas to be the same. Our intent is to recognize the successes in each project.

  • Rubrics and projects are evaluated with age appropriate guidelines. (e.g. A 12th grade entry is held to different standards than a 4th grade entry.)

  • Be sure to read information about the general judging criteria in the General Rules!

The judges' filled-out rubrics will be returned to each project owner at the conclusion of STEM Expo.

Please note: We specifically give minimal requirements for each category as we want to encourage creativity as much as possible.

ALL Judging Rubrics - 2023