Extracurricular Choir Audition Results 24/25

Extracurricular Choir Audition Results - Google Docs.pdf


Choir Families,

We have a lot of exciting information coming from Choir Land, so please read through it all!

We are thrilled to share that we were approved for quad occupancy in the hotel, so we were able to bring the cost of the tour down to $1995 + $250 for the Full Refund Program. That now makes the all-in price $2,245. We were also told that the airline we intend to use (Southwest) will include one free checked bag. Hooray! At this time, the district is still requiring the purchase of the Full Refund Program and not the use of personal travel insurance. Thank you for your patience as we navigated those questions.

We highly encourage you to register for the tour by May 17th. That way, we can ensure that we've hit our 80-person benchmark. That said, we will continue to accept registrants through the beginning of the school year to ensure that any incoming students have the chance to participate.

When you're ready to register, go to and use Travel Code TRFWLX4. I've also attached a registration flier for your reference. Please be sure to purchase the Full Refund Program when you register. We understand that there have been some glitches on the website regarding the FRP, but we believe those have been resolved. Please let us know if you still encounter registration issues.

Additionally, we are coming up on our busiest time of the year - May! Please read the GBN Choir Newsletter to learn about upcoming performances, concerts, auditions, the banquet, and senior recognitions. I can't believe the school year is already coming to a close!

As always, please reach out with any questions. Thank you for a great year!

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Glenbrook North High School - Online Registration Letter.pdf
Orlando Tour Sign-up .pdf

GBN Choir Newsletter 2/9/24

GBN Choir Newsletter 2:9:24.pdf
GBN GFOM Schedule 2024
CTPO Update 2/9/24

GBN Choir Newsletter 12/4/23

Newsletter 12:4:23.pdf

Pretzel Fundraiser Information

Soft Pretzel Sales Info 2023-2024.docx

Pizza Fundraiser Information

Lou’s for Less flyer.pdf

Rosters 23/24

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Extracurricular Choir Results 2023-2024.pdf

General Fundraising Information & BoosterShot Checkbook Sales!

Sell Sheet - GBN CTPO 2022.pdf
2022 GBN CTPO presentation sm.pdf
2022 2023 FPP OVERVIEW.pptx

GBN Choir Newsletter 8/22

Newsletter 8/22/22.pdf

Paris Tour Info & Registration

Choir Families,

We hope you and your students enjoyed the concert last night! We were extremely pleased with the final product and thought the program went very well for all of the choirs. I hope you enjoyed the song selections and talent on the stage. If you were unable to view the concert, you can find it at (scroll down to Spring Choir Concert).

We also heard there was a GREAT turnout at the Paris Info Meeting - hooray! We apologize that we personally couldn't attend, but we needed to be running the concert logistics with the students. We also know it wasn't ideal to have our host on Zoom, but as we know, COVID is unpredictable! We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

Here is a link to the presentation.

Here is the link about registration.

For questions, you can contact me or anyone below:

Linda Hanaford (WorldStrides representative) -

Mr. Chad Davidson (Choir) -

Mrs. Hill (Theatre/Crew) -

We will have a follow-up meeting in the Fall, but for now, we hope you're excited about the trip! We hope to see you at our final events (Concert in the Courtyard on 5/28 and An Evening of A Cappella on 6/1).

Thank you, and have a wonderful end of the school year.

Kelsey Nichols & Chad Davidson

Rosters 2022-23

Extracurricular Ensembles 2022-23.pdf
Paris Tour 2023.pdf

Open Mic Night 2022!

Open Mic Night is back and live!  Please join us on May 14th at 7PM in the Glenbrook North Cafeteria.  Tickets will be sold for $5 at the door - cash or check.  This is one of the year's most anticipated events, and you won't want to miss out!  All proceeds go to supporting the performing arts at GBN.  

Choir Banquet Invitation and Reply Card - Google Docs.pdf
Announce Lou Malnatis to students.pdf
GBN CTPO Frozen_Pizza_Coupon_Fundraiser_Order_Form.docx.pdf

GBN Choir Newsletter 4/1/22

7. GBN Choir Newsletter 4/1.pdf

GBN Choir Newsletter 2/9/22 & Festival of Music Schedule

6. Newsletter 2/9.pdf
GBN GFOM Schedule 2022


5. Newsletter 1/11.pdf


Do you want to hang out with all of your favorite choir and theatre people? Come to our first-ever Second Semester Social! We will have entertainment from the one and only Spice City Music, so you know it's going to be a good time. This event is only for current choir and theatre/Theatre Club students, so please do not invite anyone else. We can't wait! See the flier for the details!


Choir families,

We are one week away from our Winter Concert on 12/14 at 7:00 PM - how exciting! This concert will feature our choirs as well as GBN bands and orchestras. It's always a beautiful celebration of holiday and winter-themed music. Below are all of the details you and your student need for the evening.

Student Parking/Entrance:

Students should park in the North Lot and enter via doors DD

Student Attire:

Dress or Tuxedo Outfit (same as the Fall Concert)

(please refer back to the outfit emails I sent earlier in the year)

Student Call Time:

Treble and Varsity/Spartan Choirs - 5:15 PM

Cecilian and Chorale - 5:30 PM

Students should arrive in costume, drop their belongings in their homeroom, and report to the CPA by their call time.

Audience Parking/Concert Location: GBN Center for the Performing Arts

Lobby/Auditorium Doors Open: 6:30 PM

Concert Start Time: 7:00 PM

Approx. End Time: 8:30 PM

COVID Precautions:

All students and audience members must remain masked while inside of the building. Please leave a space between you and the next person who is not a member of your immediate household. Please do not congregate in the Lobby before or after the concert.

Concert Livestream:

For audience members unable to attend the concert for any reason, a livestream will be provided from our GBN Broadcasting team. It will also be recorded and available to view after the event has concluded. To view, go to:

Thank you, and see you soon!


Newsletter 12/2.pdf


Newsletter 10/18.pdf


For four of our curricular choir concerts (Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Glenbrook Festival of Music, and Spring Concert), students are expected to wear a choir uniform. The school provides some of these items, and others need to be purchased for an additional cost (fundraising may be used).

Below, please read the breakdown of which items are provided and which need to be purchased. Then, there are two attachments to this email: a Character Shoe Form for students who are wearing a dress, and a Tuxedo Ensemble Form for students who are wearing a tuxedo. All ordering and payment information can be found on those documents. Please note that as of today (10/1), we are awaiting confirmation that the bookstore fees have been set up. That should happen shortly, so thank you for your patience. 

For students wearing a dress in all choirs:

Provided - Dress, pearls

Need to purchase - Character shoes (see form - fitting will happen next week on 10/5 during school)


For students wearing a tux in Var/Spar:

Provided - Pants, vest, tie

Need to purchase - Shirt (see form)

For students wearing a tux in Cecilian:

Provided - Pants, jacket

Need to purchase - Shirt, bow tie (see form)

For students wearing a tux in Chorale:

Provided - Pants, jacket

Need to purchase - Shirt, bow tie, cummerbund (see form)


For students in Spartan Sound and Express, additional items will be provided, but there are no additional items to purchase at this time.

If students already have some of these items at home from past choir years, they may opt out of purchasing. Please read the attached form(s) for opt-out details.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Character Shoes Form
Tuxedo Ensemble Form

GBN Choir Newsletter 9/19/21

Newsletter 9/19.pdf

Spartan Sound 2021/22

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Spartan Sound show choir this year! Please find the roster below and read the document about how the group will function this year. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year together!


Gift-Checkbook Fundraiser!

The CTPO is excited to announce the return of the Boostershot Gift-Checkbook Fundraiser. This is an excellent opportunity to raise money that benefits the choir and theatre programs as well as funds individual student accounts. Students are able to use their profits to pay for choir and theatre-related expenses, such as spirit wear, costume items, voice lessons, domestic and international tours, the choir banquet, and more!

Below, you will find all of the information about the fundraiser. Something new to highlight this year: online ordering! Anyone can order online usine the link provided in the sample letter. Shipping is free and will go directly to purchaser. If the purchaser would like the profit to benefit an individual student, they need to add their name at checkout with the following information:

Organization: GBN CTPO
Group: Choir Name (Treble, Var/Spar, etc.)
Individual: Member Name

If you have questions, please contact the CTPO at Happy selling! 

Sample Selling Email

Online Sell Sheet

Program Overview

GBN Choir Newsletter 8/23/21

Here is our first edition of the GBN Choir Newsletter. Please review it for all Semester 1 dates, a program overview, audition opportunities, and more! If you would like to receive the newsletter through email and are not on our list, please email Mrs. Nichols at

Newsletter 8:23.pdf

Extracurricular Rosters 2021/22

Thank you to everyone who auditioned to be a part of our extracurricular

ensembles for the 2021-2022 school year. We were blown away by the level of

preparation and skill that you brought to the auditions. While we weren’t able to

place everyone in an extracurricular ensemble next year, we encourage you to find

opportunities to be involved!

Express 2021-22

Hallie Baer

Matthew Blonder

Rita Bousheh

Trevor Bowles

Hannah Dalinka

Carly Fernitz

Kelsey Fernitz

Andrew Frese

Rachel Harris

Jane Heywood

Alice Kapmar

Kyle MacDonald

Christina Peters

Leah Popovsky

Abby Rench

Sam Saffar

Sam Slater

David Stolyarov

Elani Torres

Ashleigh Velez

Changwoo Yu

Fermata Nowhere 2021-22

Hallie Baer

Claire Chang

Hannah Dalinka

Rachel Harris

Alice Kapmar

Alex McGarry

Christina Peters

Leah Popovskiy

Abby Rench

Elani Torres

Ashleigh Velez

Ow! 2021-22

Matthew Blonder

Trevor Bowles

Leo Chiappetti

Andrew Frese

Michael Glowacki

Ryan Kreiter

Kyle MacDonald

Sam Saffar

Sam Slater

David Stolyarov

Changwoo Yu